LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from February 1917 to November 1920


Long Live The Red Flag!, February , 1905 – P9

The First of May, April 1905 – P13

Citizens !, October 1905 – P17

The Bolshevik Attitude Towards Soviets, October 17,1905 – P21

To All The Workers, October 19, 1905 – P23

Calling For The Preparation for a final decisive struggle against the Autocracy , December 4 – P26

Call of the Moscow Soviet and the Major revolutionary parties in  Moscow to prepare for the armed Uprising, December 6 -P27

Should We Boycott the State Duma?, January 1906 – P30

To All Working Men and Women of the City of St. Petersburg and Vicinity - February, 1906 – P34

The Second Duma and the Tasks of the Proletariat, February 20, 1907 – P38

Mandate to the Social Democratic deputies in the Third State Duma, September 22, 1907 – P41

The December Strike and the December agreement, December 1909

Resolution Adopted by the Baku Commitee January 1910 – P49

For The Party!, March 1912 – P53

Long Live the First of May!, April 1912 – P58

Mandate of the St. Petersburg workers to their Labour Deputy, October 1912 – P64

To all the Working man & Women of Russia!, January 9, 1913 – P67 The Anniversary of the Lena Massacre, February 1913 – P72

Instructions on Guerilla warfare Issued by tee Bolshevik Moscow Committee,December 11, 1915  - P75

Down with the war; long live the revolution!,  December 1916 – P79 The day of people’s wrath is near!, January  1917 – P86

For a provisional revolutionary government of workers and poor peasants, February 1917 – P91

For a general strike against autocracy, March  1917 – P95

Appeal to the soldiers of all belligerent countries, April , 1917 – P98

Women’s Day in Russia, 1917  - P102

Soldiers, take power into your own hands!, March , 1917 – P106

For the needs of the party press, April 13, 1917 – P109

Against the pogromists, April 15, 1917 – P111

May Day, April 18, 1917 – P115

Bolshevik mandate to voters, May 7, 1917 – P117

For the elections, May 24, 1917 – P120

Against the bloc of the union of the populists and the Mensheviks, May 25, 1917 – P121

All power is in the hands of the Soviets of Workers', Soldiers' and

Peasants' Deputies!, May 26, 1917 – P123

Call for demonstarion, June 16, 1917 – P128

You cannot endure further!, June 17, 1917 – P130

We will raise funds for Soldatskaya Pravda, June 1917 – p134

We will send real representatives of the working people to the Duma, June 1917 – P136

To all laborers, workers & soldiers of Petrograd, June 22 1917 – P138

No party member will remain passive, June 28, 1917 – P142

Calmness and restrain!, July 6, 1917 – P144

Slander should be exposed, July 18 , 1917 – P146

Protests strike blows against our brothers at the front, July 16 1917 –  P150

Prepare for the new battles, our comrades-in-arms!, August 12, 1917 – P151

Let the All-Russian Soviet take all power, July 4, 1917

Be alert, vigilant and careful!, August 15, 1917 – P160

To our friends, 23 August 1917 – P161

Soldiers! Workers! Citizens! August 24, 1917 – P163

To all party organizations, August 24, 1917 – P165

To a decisive struggle against counter-revolution!, August 27, 1917  –  P166

Comrades, don't fall for provocations!, September 2, 1917 – P169

Vote for the Bolsheviks!, September 1917 – P171

Regulations of the Workers' Combat Company of the Moscow

Committee of the RSDLP – P175

Workers, soldiers and peasants!, October 25, 1917 - P179

To the citizens of Russia!, October 25, 1917 – P181

On the collection of leaflets from ;

The Voice of the Great Revolution

In 1967, in the Soviet Union, the Politizdat publishing house published a brochure entitled The Voice of the Great Revolution. The book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from February 1917 to November 1920. - in a difficult period of work of the party and the strengthening of its positions, a period of uncompromising and fierce struggle of the working people of Russia for their liberation from the oppression of the exploiters.

According to the compilers, the purpose of the publication of this collection is to help party and public organizations, propaganda cadres to adopt the documents of the Great October Revolution in their work on communist education.

You can read the most interesting texts of the leaflets on the pages of the "Communists of the Capital" website. Tellingly, many of the Bolshevik leaflets are still relevant today. We bring to your attention the text of the introductory speech of the authors of the brochure.

Leaflets of the revolution ... Living witnesses of the great achievements of October, the voice of history itself. Born in the flames of a cruel class battle, they carried the all-conquering ideas of Marxism-Leninism, the militant appeals of the party, into the thick of the revolutionary people. With the passionate words of its leaflets, proclamations, and appeals, the party gathered the forces of the revolution, prepared the working people for the coming social beats, helped the revolutionary people smash their class enemies, inspired them to fight for the protection and strengthening of socialist gains

Half a century has passed since those great days of October, when the insurgent proletariat of Petrograd, organized and united by the Bolshevik Party, dealt a crushing blow to the bourgeoislandowner system, took power into its own hands and stood up to defend the gains of the revolution. Touched by time, faded, worn out, leaflets recreate the heroic picture of the victorious days of October and the subsequent conquests of the revolutionary people on the battlefields and in peaceful creative work.

In all the difficult, crucial moments of the revolution, in the days of victories and defeats, the party invariably turned to the people: with the fighting, fervent word of its leaflets, it called for a battle with the enemy, with devastation and hunger. She also resorted to the printed word, to the language of the leaflet when it was necessary to proclaim victory.

     ...      The      historic     night      of     October      25,     1917.     The Provisional Government fell, the insurgent people won. V. I. Lenin writes his famous leaflet "To the citizens of Russia!" A contemporary of the historical hours and days of Great October, John Reed recounts how this historical leaflet was distributed:

“In front of Smolny there is a huge congestion of cars approaching and leaving. The dull rumble of distant cannonade was heard through their noise. The huge truck was shaking all over from the engine. Some people handed over bundles of printed sheets to him, while others accepted and stacked them with rifles close at hand.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"All over the city!" - answered me smiling frail worker. He waved his hand widely and enthusiastically.

We showed our IDs. "Come with us!" - they invited us. - "But, perhaps, they will shoot at us ..." We climbed onto the truck. With a sharp grinding, the clutch lever shifted, the huge car rushed

forward ... Rushing past the fires at the inner and outer gates, illuminating the red light of the workers with rifles huddled by the fire, the car, bouncing and dashing from side to side, flew out onto Suvorovsky Prospekt. One of our companions tore off the wrapper from one bundle and began to throw some sheets of paper into the air in bundles. We began to help him. So we rushed along the dark streets, leaving a whole tail of flying white papers. Belated passersby stopped and picked them up. At the crossroads, the patrols left their fires and, raising their hands, caught the leaves ...

I took one of the appeals and, using the rare street lamps, somehow made out:

"To the citizens of Russia! .."

... There is a civil war, the country is surrounded by invaders. The young Soviet state is fighting off enemies. The party shouts the cry: "The socialist fatherland is in danger!" - and from the pages of the party press, leaflets calls on the workers and peasants to defend the revolutionary achievements. Tens, hundreds of thousands of working people are responding to the call of the Party, going to the front, not sparing their lives.

... The devastation is increasing, hunger is growing. The Party's call is ringing like a bell: to mobilize all forces to overcome economic difficulties, to rise up for a heroic struggle against hunger, for bread for the people! Leaflets, appeals, appeals fly to all corners of young Soviet Russia one after another.

... The counter-revolution is becoming impudent, the most important vital centers of the country are under threat.

To repel the violent attacks of enemies and defend the gains of October, it is necessary to create the armed forces of the republic of Soviets. The party and the young Soviet state appeal to "make every effort to rebuild the army", "to form into the ranks of the Red Army." The mighty voice of the leaflets carried this cry throughout the cities and villages of the country. And thousands of workers and peasants responded to him, joined the ranks of the courageous fighters of the revolution.

Many leaflets belong to the pen of V.I. Lenin. Like no other political figure, Vladimir Ilyich deeply understood the powerful power of the printed word, mobilizing and organizing the role of a militant political leaflet.

The voice of the great Lenin is heard from the pages of many leaflets of those revolutionary years. In difficult moments of revolutionary battles, in joyful days of success, he turns to the workers, peasants, soldiers and the party. Filled with the greatest revolutionary pathos, the fiery lines of Lenin's leaflets and addresses reached the minds and hearts of the broadest masses of the people, roused them to battle against the old world, for the great socialist renewal of Russia.

Great October, the glorious fiftieth anniversary of which the Soviet people and the entire progressive world are celebrating, left many documents. The history of one of the greatest events in the history of mankind, the heroism of the insurgent people, the titanic activities of the party and its outstanding leader and organizer V.I.Lenin were deposited on their pages. Leaflets occupy an important place among these historical evidences.

V. I. Lenin urged: to follow in the footsteps of the October fighters, to imitate their heroism. The Communist Party teaches to educate the people on revolutionary traditions, to multiply and develop them. Leaflets, addresses, appeals just tell about the immortal deeds of the October fighters, their exploits and heroism. In this sense, it is difficult to overestimate the strength of their political influence, their role in the communist education of the people.

The publication of this collection is aimed at helping party and public organizations, ideological institutions, numerous propaganda cadres and parties to adopt the documents of the Great October Revolution in their work on communist education.

Time has scattered leaflets and appeals across archives and various publications.

Some of the documents in the past were included in separate collections and have not been republished since then; some remained on the newspaper pages of those years. For this reason, many of the documents are little known to the current reader, especially the young.

This collection contains, of course, not all leaflets and appeals, but only a part of them - the volume of the book does not allow us to do more.

The documents are arranged in chronological order. The titles to some of them were given by the editors. The book is supplied with the necessary scientific and reference data: comments, indexes.

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