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Studies critical and polemical , 1905  | 
Critique of Pure Experience , 1905 | Responses of Life , 1906 | Five farces for amateurs , 1907 |
Three cadets. Pamphlet , 1907 | Religion and socialism. Volume 1 , 1908  | To all comrades! - Proletary, 1909 | Ideas in Masks , 1912 |  Problems of Public Education , 1923| Revolutionary Silhouettes , 1923 | Dramatic works in 2 volumes , 1923 | From Spinoza to Marx , 1925 |
Depressive mood among the youth. Yeseninshchina , 1927 | According to the Middle Volga region , 1929 | Month across Siberia , 1929 | Lunacharsky on cinema , 1965. | Europe in the Dance of Death , 1967  |  Memories and Impressions , 1968  |  Unpublished Materials , 1970  | In the World of Music , 1971 | V. I. Lenin and A. V. Lunacharsky , 1971  |  On Atheism and Religion , 1972. | Party publicists: A. V. Lunacharsky , 1972  |On upbringing and education , 1976. |  Essays on the history of Russian literature , 1976  |  New World Man (on Lenin), 1980  |  About art. Volume 1 (Art in the West) , 1982. | About art. Volume 2 (Russian Soviet Art) , 1982 |    On Children's Literature, Children's and Youth Reading , 1985 |  
Religion and Enlightenment , 1985

Lunacharsky and the formation of Marxist criticism

 Works by A. V. Lunacharsky about Lenin

V. I. Lenin and A. V. Lunacharsky. Correspondence, reports, documents

Articles by Lunacharsky not included in the books

The historical position and mutual relation of liberal and socialist democracy in Russia , 1898.

Interest in Philosophy -Pravda, 1904.

Brief answer to Mr. Volzhsky -Education, 1904.

About the city of Volzhsky and his ideals -Education, 1904.

Theories of the syndicalist revolutionaries -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

At the turn -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

Proletarian ethics -Bulletin of life, 1906.

Interview with the Devil -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

My too sensitive friend -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

Ethics and Marxism -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

-Suicide and Philosophy -book. "Suicide", 1907.

Richard Demel [Preface to the translation of poems] -Collection "Knowledge", 1908.

Art Theatre , 1908.

"Blue Bird" on the stage of the Art Theatre , 1908.

Socialism and Art , 1908.

More about theater and socialism -Peaks, 1909.

Twenty-third collection "Knowledge" -Literary decay, 1909.

Light in the darkness [Review of Gorky's "Confession"] -Literary decay, 1909.

Prince of Poets at the People's University -Sovremennik, 1913.

Shevchenko i Dragomaniv -Dzvin, 1914.

Unknown article by Lunacharsky about Emile Verhaarn -Le Debut, 1916.

[Review of the book: Arthur Holitscher. Das amerikanische Gesicht] -Chronicle, 1916.

[Review of the book: A. Bossert. Herder, sa vie et son oeuvre. Hachtee et C°. Paris.] -Chronicle, 1916.

The truth about Shakespeare's theater -Chronicle, 1916.

Decree. On the introduction of a new spelling -Izvestia, 1917.

Meeting -Izvestia, 1917.

[Speech at a meeting of the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP (b) November 1/14, 1917] -Bulletin of the Opposition, 1917.

From the People's Commissar for Education , 1917.

What can the People's Palace be -New life, 1917.

Offended thing -Theatrical newspaper, 1918.

Questions raised by the Commissariat of Public Education of the theatrical and pedagogical section and the subdivision of the children's theater -Almanac "Game", 1918.

Instead of an introduction -Almanac "Game", 1918.

Educational policy of the Soviet power -October revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat, 1918.

Revolutionary Theater (Answer to Comrade Bukharin) -Bulletin of the Theatre, 1919.

Tsars on stage -Bulletin of the theater, 1919.

Public education in Soviet Russia -Communist International, 1919.

To all Russian teachers and all figures of public education , 1919.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [1919] -book. "The Great Revolution", 1919.

Dostoevsky as an artist and thinker -Krasnaya Nov, 1921.

Warning [About the swastika] -Izvestia, 1922.

Note on the "Cuckold" -Izvestia, 1922.

Morality and freedom -Krasnaya nov, 1922.

Change of milestones of the intelligentsia community -Culture and life, 1922.

Introductory speech to the Russian Academy of Arts [Bryusov] , 1923.

In the mirror of divination -Print and Revolution, 1923.

Lev Davydovich Trotsky on Literature -Press and Revolution, 1923.

Christianity and Marxism , 1923.

Science, Religion, Art , 1923.

New life. The revolutionary rite of baptism -Krasnaya Niva, 1923.

7th Anniversary of the October Revolution , 1924.

Adventure artist [About Savinkov] -Pravda, 1924.

Lenin and youth -Almanac "Prometheus", 1924.

On the characteristics of the October Revolution -Power of the Soviets, 1924.

Heroism and Individualism , 1924.

To the 200th anniversary of the All-Union Academy of Sciences -National Education, 1925.

Current tasks of art sciences -Bulletin of the State Academy of Arts, 1925.

Morality from a Marxist Perspective , 1925.

Report on the International Communications Bureau for Proletarian Literature -Literary Heritage, 1925.

Anatole France -New World, 1925.

Modern theater and revolutionary drama -At the post, 1925.

Theses on the policy of the RCP in the field of literature -Literary heritage, 1925.

Preface [to B. Savinkov's story "In Prison"] -Duel, 1925.

On the work of Tolstoy -Komsomolskaya Pravda, 1926.

Abstracts for the report at the plenum of the International Bureau of Proletarian Literature -Literary Heritage, 1926.

[Review of the book: Matsa I. The Art of Modern Europe] -Novy Mir, 1926.

Restless question -Soviet art, 1926.

A few thoughts about suicide -Almanac "Blow", 1926.

Bab Julius -TSB, 1926.

Our culture and photography -Soviet photo, 1926.

Between East and West , 1926.

Preface [to J. Girodou's story "Saint Estella"] -Novy Mir, 1926.

Lecture on Turgenev -Russian Literature, 1926.

Lecture on Dostoevsky -Russian Literature, 1926.

On the front of art -Literary heritage, 1926.

The genius of laughter and the singer of the poor , 1926.

Preface to the album "Seventeen Portraits" by Y. Annenkov , 1926.

Theater -Soviet art, 1927.

Thoughts on the future of the theater -Soviet art, 1927.

Two performances -Dawn of the East, 1927.

On Culture in the West and with Us , 1927.

About life , 1927.

Bohemia -TSB, 1927.

[On the upbringing of a person in a new society] -Science and Life, 1927.

11th anniversary of the October Revolution -People's teacher, 1928.

Speech by Lunacharsky at the grand opening of the monument to Leo Tolstoy -Pravda, 1928.

About the Meyerhold Theater -Komsomolskaya Pravda, 1928.

Speech by Lunacharsky on September 12, 1928 at the grand opening of the Yasnaya Polyana School , 1928.

Cultural Revolution and Art -Soviet Art, 1928.

Fraudsters, what do you need -Ogonyok, 1928.

From the editors of the series -Goethe. Faust, 1928.

Doctor Faust -Goethe. Faust, 1928.

Ferney hermit -Ogonyok, 1928.

Tolstoy and Our Modernity -Literary Heritage, 1928.

About fate, violence and freedom -Literary newspaper, 1929.

Writer of irony and hope -Literary newspaper, 1929.

Greedy Observer of Life -Krasnaya Gazeta, 1929.

Preface [to the collection of poems by Sergei Gorodetsky] -Literary heritage, 1929.

At the session and in Europe -Krasnaya Gazeta, 1929.

From the report of the People's Commissar of Education of the RSFSR A. V. Lunacharsky to the secretaries of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee , 1929.

Garibaldi -TSB, 1929.

Gaman -TSB, 1929.

Gauzenstein -TSB, 1929.

Gazenklever -TSB, 1929.

Pushkin and modernity -Krasnaya Niva, 1929.

Preface to the collection "Kugel A. R. Profiles of the theater" , 1929.

Hölderlin -Literary Encyclopedia, 1929.

Napoleon's intervention -Literary newspaper, 1930.

For grassroots work -Literary newspaper, 1930.

Latinization of Russian writing -Culture and written language of the East, 1930.

Fantastic machine prayer -Controversial problems of Marxist pedagogy, 1930.

Human engineer -Controversial problems of Marxist pedagogy, 1930.

The connection of adolescent labor from the educational base -Controversial problems of Marxist pedagogy, 1930.

Sociology and pathology in the history of literature -Literary critic, 1930.

Thoughts on sports -Ogonyok Library, 1930.

[Review of the sculpture by I. Itkind "Victim of fascism"] , 1930.

Hegel and Modernity -Philosophy and Society, 1930.

Artistic genre of Vera Fedorovna Komissarzhevskaya , 1931.

World outlook and creativity of Dostoevsky -TSB, 1931.

Tchaikovsky -ITU, 1931.

Chekhov -ITU, 1931.

Chopin -ITU, 1931.

Schubert -ITU, 1931.

Schuman -ITU, 1931.

French Music -ITU, 1931.

Frans, Anatole -Garnet Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1931.

Goethe and his time -Literary heritage, 1932.

Lyrics -Literary Encyclopedia, 1932.

On the role of the proletarian state in the development of socialist culture -Under the banner of Marxism, 1933.

Europe -Literary newspaper, 1933.

Baruch Spinoza and the bourgeoisie -Ogonyok Library, 1933.

[Review of the book: Zhivov M. Through the eyes of foreigners] -Novy Mir, 1933.

Regarding the unpublished articles of Shchedrin in 1864-1865. -Literary heritage, 1933.

Speech about proletarian architecture -Architecture of the USSR, 1934.