Lunacharsky Articles and speeches on international politics

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Articles by Lunacharsky not included in the books

The historical position and mutual relation of liberal and socialist democracy in Russia , 1898.

Interest in Philosophy -Pravda, 1904.

Brief answer to Mr. Volzhsky -Education, 1904.

About the city of Volzhsky and his ideals -Education, 1904.

Theories of the syndicalist revolutionaries -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

At the turn -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

Proletarian ethics -Bulletin of life, 1906.

Interview with the Devil -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

My too sensitive friend -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

Ethics and Marxism -Bulletin of Life, 1906.

-Suicide and Philosophy -book. "Suicide", 1907.

Richard Demel [Preface to the translation of poems] -Collection "Knowledge", 1908.

Art Theatre , 1908.

"Blue Bird" on the stage of the Art Theatre , 1908.

Socialism and Art , 1908.

More about theater and socialism -Peaks, 1909.

Twenty-third collection "Knowledge" -Literary decay, 1909.

Light in the darkness [Review of Gorky's "Confession"] -Literary decay, 1909.

Prince of Poets at the People's University -Sovremennik, 1913.

Shevchenko i Dragomaniv -Dzvin, 1914.

Unknown article by Lunacharsky about Emile Verhaarn -Le Debut, 1916.

[Review of the book: Arthur Holitscher. Das amerikanische Gesicht] -Chronicle, 1916.

[Review of the book: A. Bossert. Herder, sa vie et son oeuvre. Hachtee et C°. Paris.] -Chronicle, 1916.

The truth about Shakespeare's theater -Chronicle, 1916.

Decree. On the introduction of a new spelling -Izvestia, 1917.

Meeting -Izvestia, 1917.

[Speech at a meeting of the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP (b) November 1/14, 1917] -Bulletin of the Opposition, 1917.

From the People's Commissar for Education , 1917.

What can the People's Palace be -New life, 1917.

Offended thing -Theatrical newspaper, 1918.

Questions raised by the Commissariat of Public Education of the theatrical and pedagogical section and the subdivision of the children's theater -Almanac "Game", 1918.

Instead of an introduction -Almanac "Game", 1918.

Educational policy of the Soviet power -October revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat, 1918.

Revolutionary Theater (Answer to Comrade Bukharin) -Bulletin of the Theatre, 1919.

Tsars on stage -Bulletin of the theater, 1919.

Public education in Soviet Russia -Communist International, 1919.

To all Russian teachers and all figures of public education , 1919.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [1919] -book. "The Great Revolution", 1919.

Dostoevsky as an artist and thinker -Krasnaya Nov, 1921.

Warning [About the swastika] -Izvestia, 1922.

Note on the "Cuckold" -Izvestia, 1922.

Morality and freedom -Krasnaya nov, 1922.

Change of milestones of the intelligentsia community -Culture and life, 1922.

Introductory speech to the Russian Academy of Arts [Bryusov] , 1923.

In the mirror of divination -Print and Revolution, 1923.

Lev Davydovich Trotsky on Literature -Press and Revolution, 1923.

Christianity and Marxism , 1923.

Science, Religion, Art , 1923.

New life. The revolutionary rite of baptism -Krasnaya Niva, 1923.

7th Anniversary of the October Revolution , 1924.

Adventure artist [About Savinkov] -Pravda, 1924.

Lenin and youth -Almanac "Prometheus", 1924.

On the characteristics of the October Revolution -Power of the Soviets, 1924.

Heroism and Individualism , 1924.

To the 200th anniversary of the All-Union Academy of Sciences -National Education, 1925.

Current tasks of art sciences -Bulletin of the State Academy of Arts, 1925.

Morality from a Marxist Perspective , 1925.

Report on the International Communications Bureau for Proletarian Literature -Literary Heritage, 1925.

Anatole France -New World, 1925.

Modern theater and revolutionary drama -At the post, 1925.

Theses on the policy of the RCP in the field of literature -Literary heritage, 1925.

Preface [to B. Savinkov's story "In Prison"] -Duel, 1925.

On the work of Tolstoy -Komsomolskaya Pravda, 1926.

Abstracts for the report at the plenum of the International Bureau of Proletarian Literature -Literary Heritage, 1926.

[Review of the book: Matsa I. The Art of Modern Europe] -Novy Mir, 1926.

Restless question -Soviet art, 1926.

A few thoughts about suicide -Almanac "Blow", 1926.

Bab Julius -TSB, 1926.

Our culture and photography -Soviet photo, 1926.

Between East and West , 1926.

Preface [to J. Girodou's story "Saint Estella"] -Novy Mir, 1926.

Lecture on Turgenev -Russian Literature, 1926.

Lecture on Dostoevsky -Russian Literature, 1926.

On the front of art -Literary heritage, 1926.

The genius of laughter and the singer of the poor , 1926.

Preface to the album "Seventeen Portraits" by Y. Annenkov , 1926.

Theater -Soviet art, 1927.

Thoughts on the future of the theater -Soviet art, 1927.

Two performances -Dawn of the East, 1927.

On Culture in the West and with Us , 1927.

About life , 1927.

Bohemia -TSB, 1927.

[On the upbringing of a person in a new society] -Science and Life, 1927.

11th anniversary of the October Revolution -People's teacher, 1928.

Speech by Lunacharsky at the grand opening of the monument to Leo Tolstoy -Pravda, 1928.

About the Meyerhold Theater -Komsomolskaya Pravda, 1928.

Speech by Lunacharsky on September 12, 1928 at the grand opening of the Yasnaya Polyana School , 1928.

Cultural Revolution and Art -Soviet Art, 1928.

Fraudsters, what do you need -Ogonyok, 1928.

From the editors of the series -Goethe. Faust, 1928.

Doctor Faust -Goethe. Faust, 1928.

Ferney hermit -Ogonyok, 1928.

Tolstoy and Our Modernity -Literary Heritage, 1928.

About fate, violence and freedom -Literary newspaper, 1929.

Writer of irony and hope -Literary newspaper, 1929.

Greedy Observer of Life -Krasnaya Gazeta, 1929.

Preface [to the collection of poems by Sergei Gorodetsky] -Literary heritage, 1929.

At the session and in Europe -Krasnaya Gazeta, 1929.

From the report of the People's Commissar of Education of the RSFSR A. V. Lunacharsky to the secretaries of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee , 1929.

Garibaldi -TSB, 1929.

Gaman -TSB, 1929.

Gauzenstein -TSB, 1929.

Gazenklever -TSB, 1929.

Pushkin and modernity -Krasnaya Niva, 1929.

Preface to the collection "Kugel A. R. Profiles of the theater" , 1929.

Hölderlin -Literary Encyclopedia, 1929.

Napoleon's intervention -Literary newspaper, 1930.

For grassroots work -Literary newspaper, 1930.

Latinization of Russian writing -Culture and written language of the East, 1930.

Fantastic machine prayer -Controversial problems of Marxist pedagogy, 1930.

Human engineer -Controversial problems of Marxist pedagogy, 1930.

The connection of adolescent labor from the educational base -Controversial problems of Marxist pedagogy, 1930.

Sociology and pathology in the history of literature -Literary critic, 1930.

Thoughts on sports -Ogonyok Library, 1930.

[Review of the sculpture by I. Itkind "Victim of fascism"] , 1930.

Hegel and Modernity -Philosophy and Society, 1930.

Artistic genre of Vera Fedorovna Komissarzhevskaya , 1931.

World outlook and creativity of Dostoevsky -TSB, 1931.

Tchaikovsky -ITU, 1931.

Chekhov -ITU, 1931.

Chopin -ITU, 1931.

Schubert -ITU, 1931.

Schuman -ITU, 1931.

French Music -ITU, 1931.

Frans, Anatole -Garnet Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1931.

Goethe and his time -Literary heritage, 1932.

Lyrics -Literary Encyclopedia, 1932.

On the role of the proletarian state in the development of socialist culture -Under the banner of Marxism, 1933.

Europe -Literary newspaper, 1933.

Baruch Spinoza and the bourgeoisie -Ogonyok Library, 1933.

[Review of the book: Zhivov M. Through the eyes of foreigners] -Novy Mir, 1933.

Regarding the unpublished articles of Shchedrin in 1864-1865. -Literary heritage, 1933.

Speech about proletarian architecture -Architecture of the USSR, 1934.