Marx-Engels Collected Works, Table of Contents

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Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 43

Volume 43

Marx & Engels

April 1868-July 1870


Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 6 April3
Engels to Marx. 10 April5
Marx to Engels. 11 April7
Marx to Laura and Paul Lafargue. 11 April9
Engels to Marx. 17 April11
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 17 April12
Marx to Engels. 18 April13
Engels to Marx. 20 April14
Marx to Engels. 21 April15
Marx to Engels. 22 April16
Engels to Marx. 26 April19
Marx to Engels. 30 April20
Marx to Engels. 4 May26
Engels to Marx. 6 May28
Marx to Engels. 7 May30
Marx to Joseph Dietzgen. 9 May31
Engels to Marx. 10 May32
Engels to Marx. 15 May34
Marx to Engels. 16 May35
Engels to Marx. 22 May37
Marx to Engels. 23 May38
Engels to Marx. 25 May41
Marx to Engels. 27 May42
Marx to Engels. 20 June42
Engels to Marx. 22 June44
Marx to Engels. 23 June45
Engels to Marx. 24 June46
Marx to Engels. 24 June47
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 24 June48
Engels to Marx. 25 June48
Marx to Engels. 26 June49
Engels to Marx. 26 June50
Marx to Engels. 27 June51
Engels to Marx. 28 June52
Marx to Engels. 29 June53
Marx to Engels. 2 July54
Engels to Marx. 2 July55
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 2 July56
Marx to Engels. 7 July57
Engels to Marx. 4 July58
Marx to Engels. 7 July62
Engels to Marx. 10 July63
Marx to Engels. 11 July65
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 11 July67
Engels to Marx. 14 July70
Engels to Marx. 21 July71
Marx to Engels. 23 July72
Engels to Marx. 29 July73
Marx to Engels. 29 July74
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 31 July77
Marx to Engels. 4 August78
Engels to Marx. 6 August80
Marx to Engels. 10 August81
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 11 August92
Marx to Friedrich Lessner. 11 August83
Engels to Marx. 12 August84
Marx to Engels. 13 August85
Engels to Marx. About 14 August86
Marx to Engels 21 August87
Engels to Marx. 22 August87
Marx to Engels. 26 August89
Engels to Marx. 28 August90
Marx to Engels 29 August91
Engels to Marx. 1 September92
Marx to Engels. 9 September-93
Marx to Georg Eccarius and Friedrich Lessner. 10 September93
Marx to Engels. 12 September95
Marx to Sigfrid Meyer. 14 September96
Marx to Hermann Jung. 14 September98
Engels to Marx. 16 September99
Marx to Engels. 16 September100
Engels to Marx. 18 September103
Marx to Engels. 19 September105
Engels to Marx. 21 September107
Marx to Engels. 23 September109
Engels to Marx 24 September110
Marx to Engels. 25 September111
Marx to Engels. 25 September112
Engels to Marx. 25 September113
Marx to Engels. 26 September114
Marx to Engels. 29 September116
Engels to Marx. 30 September117
Engels to Marx. 2 October119
Marx to Engels. 4 October120
Engels to Marx. 6 October122
Marx to Nikolai Danielson. 7 October123
Engels to Marx. 8 October125
Marx to Engels. 10 October127
Engels to Marx. 12 October129
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 12 October130
Marx to Johann Baptist von Schweitzer. 13 October132
Engels to Marx 14 October136
Marx to Engels. 15 October137
Marx to Hermann Jung. 19 October139
Engels to Marx. 22 October140
Marx to Engels. 24 October142
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 26 October144
Engels to Marx. 28 October144
Marx to William Jessup. 28 October147
Marx to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt. 28 October148
Marx to Bassot. 30 October150
Marx to Engels. 4 November150
Engels to Marx. 4 November151
Engels to Marx. 6 November152
Marx to Engels. 7 November154
Marx to Engels. 8 November155
Engels to Marx. 10 November156
Engels to Marx. 13 November157
Marx to Engels. 14 November158
Marx to Engels. 14 November160
Marx to Hermann Jung. 14 November160
Marx to Engels. 18 November161
Engels to Marx. 18 November163
Engels to Marx. 20 November164
Marx to Engels. 23 November165
Engels to Marx. 23 November167
Engels to Marx. 25 November168
Engels to W. Holzenhauer. 26 November169
Engels to Marx. 29 Novemberl69
Marx to Engels. 30 November171
Marx to Engels. 5 December172
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 5 December173
Marx to Engels. 6 December176
Engels to Marx. 8 December176
Marx to Engels. 9 December177
Marx to Engels. 10 December180
Engels to Marx. 11 December181
Marx to Engels. 12 December182
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 12 December184
Marx to Asher & Co. Not before 12 December185
Engels to Marx. 13 December186
Marx to Engels. 14 December188
Marx to Engels. 15 December190
Engels to Marx. 18 December191
Engels to Hermann Engels. 18 December194
Marx to Engels. 19 December195
Marx to Laura Lafargue. 22 December196
Marx to Engels. 23 December197
Marx to Hermann Jung. 28 December198


Marx to Engels. 1 January199
Engels to Marx. 3 January200
Marx to Engels. 13 January201
Engels to Marx. 17 January204
Marx to Engels. 23 January205
Engels to Marx. 25 January206
Engels to Marx. 26 January207
Marx to Engels. 28 January207
Engels to Marx. 28 January209
Marx to Engels. 29 January211
Engels to Emil Blank. 4 February212
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 11 February213
Marx to Engels. 13 February214
Marx to Engels. 15 February215
Marx to Paul and Laura Lafargue. 15 February216
Engels to Marx. 17 February219
Marx to Hermann Jung. 17 February220
Engels to Marx. 21 February220
Marx to Engels. 24 February221
Engels to Marx. 25 February222
Marx to Engels. 1 March224
Marx to Engels. 2 March227
Marx to Engels. 3 March228
Engels to Marx. 3 March229
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 3 March231
Marx to Heinrich Oberwinder. 3 March233
Engels to Marx. 4 March234
Marx to Engels. 5 March235
Engels to Marx. 7 March237
Marx to Engels. 14 March239
Engels to Marx. 15 March241
Engels to Marx. 18 March241
Marx to Engels. 20 March243
Engels to Marx. 21 March245
Engels to Marx. 2 March247
Marx to Engels. 29 March248
Engels to Marx. 2 April250
Engels to Marx. April251
Engels to Friedrich Lessner 4 April252
Marx to Engels. April253
Engels to Marx. April255
Marx to Engels. 7 April256
Engels to Marx. 7 April256
Marx to Engels. 8 April258
Marx to John Malcolm Ludlow 10 April259
Engels to Marx. 14 April260
Marx to Engels. 15 April262
Engels to Marx. 16 April264
Marx to Engels. 16 April266
Engels to Marx. 19 April267
Marx to Engels. 24 April268
Engels to Marx. 25 April269
Marx to Engels. 26 April269
Marx to Eleanor Marx 26 April271
Marx to Engels. 1 May272
Engels to Marx. 2 May272
Engels to Marx. 2 May273
Marx to Engels. 8 May274
Engels to Marx. 11 May277
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 11 May278
Engels to Hermann Engels. 13 May280
Marx to Engels. 14 May282
Engels to Marx. 19 May283
Marx to Engels. 21 May284
Engels to Marx. 23 May286
Marx to P. Le Neve Foster, Esq. 2 May287
Marx to Paul Lafargue. 2 June287
Marx to His Daughter- Jenny. 2 June291
Marx to His Daughter- Jenny. 10 June291
Marx to Engels. 16 June294
Engels to Marx. 22 June295
Marx to Engels. 26 June296
Engels to Marx. 27 June298
Engels to Marx. 1 July299
Engels to Elisabeth Engels. 1 July300
Marx to Engels. 3 July303
Marx to P. St. King. 3 July306
Engels to Marx. 6 July307
Marx to Francois Lafargue. 7 July309
Engels to Jenny Marx (daughter). 9 July311
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 10 July312
Marx to Francois Lafargue. 10 July314
Marx to Engels. 14 July315
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 15 July317
Engels to Hermann Engels. 15 July318
Marx to Engels. 17 July322
Engels to Marx. 18 July323
Engels to Marx. 21 July324
Marx to Engels. 22 July326
Marx to Engels. 24 July328
Engels to Marx. 25 July329
Marx to Engels. 27 July332
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 28 July333
Marx to Engels. 21 July334
Engels to Marx. 30 July335
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 3 July337
Marx to Engels. 2 August338
Engels to Marx. 3 August339
Marx to Engels. 4 August340
Engels to Jenny Marx (daughter). 8 August341
Marx to Engels. 10 August342
Engels to Marx. 12 August345
Marx to Hermann Jung. 1 August346
Engels to Marx. 16 August347
Engels to Marx. 16 August348
Marx to Engels. 17 August349
Marx to Engels. 18 August349
Engels to Marx. 5 September351
Marx to Engels. 25 September353
Marx to Paul Lafargue. 25 September355
Engels to Marx. 27 September356
Marx to Engels. 30 September358
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 12 October359
Marx to Paul and Laura Lafargue. 18 October359
Engels to Marx. 22 October361
Marx to Engels. 23 October361
Engels to Marx. 24 October362
Marx to Engels. 30 October363
Engels to Marx. 1 November365
Marx to Engels. 6 November367
Engels to Marx. 7 November369
Marx to Engels. 12 November370
Marx to Samuel Davenport. 12 November372
Engels to Marx. 17 November372
Marx to Engels. 18 November375
Engels to Marx. 19 November377
Marx to Engels. 26 November383
Engels to Marx. 29 November387
Marx to Kugelmann. 29 November389
Marx to Engels. 4 December392
Engels to Marx. 9 December394
Marx to Engels. 10 December396
Marx to Engels. 12 December400
Engels to Marx 15 December400
Engels to Marx. 16 December401
Marx to Engels. 17 December403


Marx to Hermann Jung 8 January406
Engels to Marx. 9 January407
Engels to Marx. 19 January408
Marx to Engels. 22 January410
Marx to Cesar De Paepe. 24 January411
Engels to Marx. 25 January415
Marx to Engels. 26 January416
Engels to Marx. 1 February418
Engels to Karl Klein and Friedrich Moll. 8 February420
Engels to Marx 9 February422
Marx to Engels. 10 February422
Engels to Marx. 11 February425
Marx to Engels. 12 February428
Engels to Marx. 17 February431
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 17 February433
Marx to Engels. 19 February436
Marx to Charles Dobson Collet. 19 February438
Marx to Engels. 21 February440
Engels to Marx. 22 February440
Marx to Peter Imandt. 23 February443
Marx to Engels. 5 March444
Marx to Laura and Paul Lafargue. 5 March446
Engels to Marx. 7 March451
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 8 March452
Marx to Engels. 9 March453
Marx to Engels. 10 March454
Engels to Marx. 13 March455
Engels to Jenny Marx (daughter). 17 March457
Marx to Engels. 19 March458
Engels to Marx. 21 March460
Marx to Engels. 24 March462
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 24 March464
Marx to Philippe Coenen. 24 March464
Marx to Engels. 26 March465
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 26 March466
Engels to Marx. 27 March467
Engels to Marx. 28 March469
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 28 March470
Marx to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt. 9 April471
Engels to Marx. 13 April477
Marx to Engels. 14 April478
Engels to Marx. 15 April482
Marx to Paul Lafargue. 18 April485
Engels to Marx. 19 April487
Marx to Engels. 19 April488
Marx to Paul Lafargue. 19 April489
Engels to Marx. 21 April490
Marx to Engels. 28 April495
Engels to Willhelm Bracke. 8 April498
Engels to Marx. 29 April499
Marx to Engels. 29 April501
Engels to Marx. 1 May502
Marx to Engels. 7 May504
Engels to Marx. 8 May508
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. About 8 May510
Marx to Engels. 10 May511
Engels to Marx. 11 May513
Marx to Engels. 11 May515
Engels to Marx. 15 May517
Marx to Engels. 16 May519
Engels to Marx. 17 May521
Marx to Engels. 18 May522
Engels to Marx. 19 May523
Marx to his Daughter Jenny. 31 May524
Marx to Victor Le Lubez. 14 June526
Marx to Kugelmann. 27 June527
Marx to Engels. 5 July529
Engels to Marx. 6 July532
Marx to Hermann Lopatin. 6 July535
Engels to Marx. 7 July535
Marx to Engels. 8 July536
Marx to Hermann Jung 14 July537



Frederick Engels. Confession. Early April 1868541
Arnold Ruge to Steinthal. 25 January 1869542
Jenny Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 15 September 1869543
Jenny Marx (daughter) Ludwig Kugelmann. 30 October 1869545
Jenny Marx (daughter) to Ludwig Kugelmann. 27 November 1869547
Jenny Marx to Engels. About 17 January 1870550
Jenny Marx (daughter) to Ludwig Kugelmann. 30 January 18/0552
Paul Lafargue to Marx. 18 April 1870555
Jenny Marx (daughter) to Ludwig and Gertrud Kugelmann. 8 May 1870558
Jenny Marx to Engels. 12 July 1870560
Jenny Marx (daughter) to Ludwig Kugelmann. 17 July 1870562


Notes and Indexes

Name Index662
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature705
Index of Periodicals735
Subject Index745



Frederick Engels. 1860s40-41
Credentials of the General Council of the International written in Friedrich Sorge's name (in Marx's hand)59
Marx's and Engels' correspondents: Paul Lafargue. Johann Philipp Becker, Friedrich Lessner, Ludwig Kugelmann. Georg Eccarius. Robert Applegarth. Nikolai Danielson104-05
A sketch of Lizzie Burns by Frederick Engels (after 4 May 1869)145
Karl Marx with his elder- daughter Jenny (end of December 1868-beginning of January 1869)200-01
Marx's membership card of Land and Labour League (30 November 1869)376-77
First page of Marx's letter to Laura and Paul Lafargue of 5 March 1871447
A page from the album of Marx's daughter Jenny with Frederick Engels' 'Confession'540-41