Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence 1870

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Marx-Engels Correspondence 1870

Engels To Marx

Source: Marx and Engels on Ireland, Progress Publishers, 1971;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.

May 15, 1870

In what Parliamentary Paper could one find how much money is wasted every year on the Commissioners for the Publication of the Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland? This is a colossal job (in a small matter). It would also be important to know how much of that money is spent 1) as remuneration for idling commissioners, 2) as salaries for really working understrappers, printing costs, etc. This must surely be somewhere in a Parliamentary Paper. Those fellows have been drawing wages since 1852 and up to now only two volumes have been published! Three lords, three judges, three priests, one general, and one who professionally specialises on Ireland who died long ago.