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Immediate Tasks of the Party in the National Question (February 10. 1921)

In memory of Comrade Skvortsova Stepanova I.I. (vol. 11, p. 221)

In memory of Comrade Telia G. (vol. 2, pp. 27–31)

In my own way (vol. 3, pp. 272–274)

In two years

Industrialization and the Right Deviation (November 24 1928)

Inherent Contradictions of Party Development [ 1926]

Inner Party Questions of the VKP(b) (December 7, 1926)

Insolence Examination (vol. 3, pp. 371–374)

International Character of October Revolution ( November 1927 )

International Counterrevolution July 14, 1906

International Situation and Tasks of Communist Parties (March 22, 1925)

Interview Between J. Stalin and Roy Howard March 1, 1936

Interview Given to Mr. Fuse, Japanese Correspondent of NichiNichi

Interview of Stalin with Romain Rolland (June 28, 1935)

Interview to “Pravda” Correspondent Concerning Mr. Winston Churchill’s Speech at Fulton March, 1946

Interview with "Pravda", March 13, 1946

Interview with a "Pravda" Correspondent 17 February, 1951

Interview with correspondent of Pravda, October 28, 1948

Interview with correspondent of Pravda, October 6, 1951

Interview with Gilmore, (March 22, 1946)

Interview with Kingsbury Smith, representative of International News Service, January 27, 1949

Interview with Stassen, April 9, 1947

Interview with the First American Labour Delegation September 9, 1927

International counterrevolution (vol. 1, pp. 247–249)

International position and defense of the USSR: Speech at the joint plenum of the Central Committee and Central Control Commission of the AllUnion Communist Party of Bolsheviks on August 1, 1927

It has come to This

Joint Plenum of the C.C. and Control Commission of the CPSU(B) (July August 1927)

Kuznetsk. Kuznetskstroy

Lagging Behind the Revolution (May 4, 1917)

Lenin & Stalin  Speeches on October 16, 1917

Lenin and the Question of  the Alliance with the Middle Peasant (July 3, 1928)

Lenin As The Organizer And Leader Of The Russian Communist Party April 23, 1920

Lenin; A Speech Delivered at a Memorial Meeting of the Kremlin Military School (January 28, 1924)

Leningrad (vol. 13, p. 144)

Leningrad Osoaviakhim (vol. 11, p. 219)

Lensky workers

Letters from the Caucasus (vol. 2, pp. 174–196)

Letters from comrade Ch–e (vol. 13, pp. 20–22)

Letter from I.V. Stalin to .V. Kosior about the political situation in the villages of Ukraine. April 16, 1932

Letter from Stalin to Kaganovich on the situation in Ukraine  August 10, 1932

Letter on Publications for Children Directed to the Central Committee of the All Union Communist Youth, February 16, 1938

Letter to A. M. Gorky  June 1930

Letter To And From Largo Caballero December 21, 1936

Letter to Comrade Choumiatsky, 11 January 1935

Letter to Comrade Ermakovsky

Letter To Comrade Johnson On The LeftSwarajists, Individual Terrorism And The HinduMuslim Question  (August 6, 1926)

Letter to E. Benes  January 23, 1945

Letter To L. M. Kaganovich , V. M. Molotov  July 2, 1932

Letter to Paasikivi, (February 22, 1948)

Letter to the Authors of the Manual of the "History of the Communist Party", May, 1937

Letter to the editorial office of Pravda regarding novel by V. Latsis "To a new shore" 25 February 1952.

Letter to the German Democratic Republic, (May 15, 1950)

Letter to V.I. Lenin (August 31, 1918)

Letter to V.I. Lenin (July 7, 1918)

Letters from Stalin to Molotov [ 1925]

Letters from Stalin to Molotov [ 1926]

Letters From the Caucasus (1910)

Liberal Hypocrites April 15, 1912

Liberal Pharisees

Life wins!

Light from the East (vol. 4, pp. 177–182)

Light from the East December 15, 1918

London Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (notes of a delegate)

Long live international brotherhood!

Long live Soviet Armenia!

Long Live the First of May ! April 1912