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Before the Elections January 13, 1908

Berlin Crisis, the U.N. and Anglo American Aggressive Policies, Churchill, (October 28, 1948)

Berlin, Disarmament, Stalin Truman Meeting, (January 27, 1949)

Bidding for Ministerial Portfolios March 16, 1917

Boycott the Conference September 29, 1907

Briefly About the Disagreements in the Party (1905)  Briefly About Disagreements in the Party May 1905

Bukharin's Group and the Right Deviation (1929)

Campaign against the workers (vol. 3, pp. 317–319)

Capitalist Stabilization, Class Struggles of the Proletariat, and the C. P. G. December 19, 1928 (Alternate)

Central Committee of the RCP(b) to the Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang (vol. 7, pp. 50–51)

Chairman of the Board of Zernotrest. To all grain farms (vol. 13, p. 50)

Chairman of the Board of the Tractor Center. To all machine and tractor stations

Circular letter of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) No. 30 ʺon the attitude towards religious organizations.ʺ August 16, 1923  

Citizens ! October 1905

Close the Ranks ! July 15, 1917

Closed letter of the CC of the CPSU (b) on the tasks of collective farm construction in connection with the consolidation of small collective farms, April 2, 1951

Closing remarks  on the national question at the VII (April) conference of the RSDLP (b) on April 29, 1917

Coexistence, AmericanSoviet Cooperation, Atomic Energy, Europe April 9, 1947

Comrade G. Telia March 22, 1907

Comrade Lenin on Vacation: Notes (vol. 5, pp. 134–136)

Competition and labor upsurge of the masses: Preface to the book by E. Mikulina "Competition of the Masses"

Comrade Stalin Speech March 5, 1937

Comrade Stalin's report, March 3, 1937 Evening session

Concerning Questions of Agrarian Policy Speech at a Conference of Marxist Students of Agrarian Questions (DECEMBER 1929)

Concerning Questions of Leninism (January 25, 1926)

Concerning the Agrarian Question ( March 29 1906)

Concerning the errors of Yaroshenko, May 22, 1952

Concerning the International Situation (February 1924)

Concerning the National Question in Yugoslavia (April 15 1924)

Concerning the Policy of Eliminating of the Kulaks as a Class (January 21, 1930)

Concerning the Presentation of the National Question May 2, 1921

Concerning the Question of the Strategy and Tactics of the Russian Communists March 14, 1923

Concerning the Revision of the Agrarian Programme  April 13 , 1906

Concerning the situation in Japan, December 5 1935

Conditions for the Victory of the Russian Revolution March 18, 1917

Conference of the Avant-gardist Kolkhozine Men and Women of Tajikistan and of  Turkmenistan with the Directors of the Party and the State, December 4, 1935

Confusion... (vol. 2, pp. 35–37)

Contradictions in the Komsomol: Speech at a meeting on work among youth under the Central Committee of the RCP(b) on April 3, 1924 (vol. 6, pp. 65–68)

Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan November 13, 1920

Conspiracy against the revolution

Constitution (Fundamental law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics March 35, 1937

Conversation between Joseph V. Stalin and SED leadership April 07, 1952

Conversation between Stalin and Mao December 16, 1949

Conversation I.V. Stalin on political economy. Recorded April 24, 1950.

Conversation I.V. Stalin on political economy. Recorded February 22, 1950.

Conversation I.V. Stalin on political economy. Recorded January 29, 1941

Conversation I.V. Stalin on political economy. Recorded May 30, 1950.

Conversation in the Red Book of the Dynamo plant on November 7, 1924

Conversation in the ship's journal of the cruiser "Chervona Ukraine"

Conversation of Stalin with Cripps ‐ 1940  

Conversation of Stalin with the ambassador of GB in the USSR S. Cripps  1941 

Conversation with Ambassador of Argentina Leopoldo Bravo February 7, 1953

Counterrevolution and the peoples of Russia

Counterrevolution and the Peoples of Russia August 13, 1917

Counterrevolutionaries of Transcaucasia under the mask of socialism

Crisis and Directory (vol. 3, pp. 268–271)