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A Brief Record of Comrade Stalinʹs Instructions on Intelligence Data from May 21, 1937  

A Letter to Comrade Dov (January 24, 1925)

A Letter to Comrade Molotov (August 1, 1925)

A Letter to Comrade Yermakovsky (September 15, 1925)

A Letter to V. I. Lenin (March 1921)

A Necessary Comment (December 28, 1923)

A Paper Coalition September 30, 1917

A Reply to SocialDemocrat (1905)

A Tatar Bashkir Soviet Republic  March 23, 1918

A transcript of JV Stalinʹs speech ʺIn connection with the question of the filmʺ The Law of Life ʺ  

About "Dymovka": Speech at a meeting of the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) on January 26, 1925

About “Turkish Armenia” December 31, 1917

About Comrade Kotovsky  February 23, 1926

About Donbass approved by the Politburo of the Central Committee on January 15, 1931

About Lenin: Speech at the evening of the Kremlin cadets on January 28, 1924

About the AngloRussian Committee: Speech at the meeting of the Presidium of the ECCI on August 7, 1926

About the discussion: Conversation with Rost's correspondent on January 9, 1924

About the Donshchina and the North Caucasus (Facts and Frauds) June 1, 1918

About the Kiev Bourgeois Rada January 13, 1918

About the mistakes of Comrade Yaroshenko L.D.  see: Economic problems of socialism in the USSR May 22, 1952

About the South of Russia. Conversation with a correspondent of the newspaper Pravda  October 30, 1918

About the tasks of the magazine "Red Youth" January 1925

About the Tatar–Bashkir Soviet Republic March 23, 1918

About the Ukrainian Rada. Speech at a meeting of the AllRussian Central Executive Committee on December 14, 1917

About the uprising in Georgia. JV Stalin  

About the workers: A conversation with an employee of the Rabochy Korrespondent magazine working correspondent June 1924

About Ya.M. Sverdlov  November 1924

Abridged recording of a conversation Stalin with V.L. Komarov November 13, 1944

Addendum to the Report of the Commission on the National Question at the XII Congress of the RCP(b) April 25, 1923

Address Given at the Reception of the 1st May Parade, May 1  1935

Address to the Commission of the Second AllUnion Congress of Kolkhozines, February 15, 1935

Address to the Graduates from the Red Army Academies (May 4,1935)

Address to the Graduates from the Red Army Academies, Delivered in the Kremlin, May 6, 1935

Address to the Reception of Directors and Stakhanovites of the Metal Industry and the Coal Mining Industry, October 29, 1937

Address to the Solemn Meeting on the Opening of the L. M. Kaganovich Metro, May 14, 1935

Against an agreement with the bourgeoisie August 31, 1917

Against Federalism March 28, 1917

Against Isolated Demonstrations June 14, 1917

Against the Moscow Conference  August 8, 1917

Against Vulgarizing the Slogan of Self Criticism (April 13 1928)

Agricultural Newspaper March 1, 1929

All power to the Soviets! September 17, 1917

American Billions August 19, 1917

An uncorrected transcript of I.V. Stalin at a meeting of the Politburo. March 18, 1926  

An uncorrected transcript of I.V. Stalin at a meeting of the Politburo. March 18, 1926  

Anarchism or Socialism? (1906)

Anniversary of the Lena massacre February 1913

Another lie May 19, 1918

Answer to Rasin, February 23, 1946

Answer to the Open Letter of Henry Wallace 18 May 1948

Answers to a Group of Editors of American Newspapers, March 31, 1952

Answers to Associated Press Moscow Coorespondent’s Questions, October 3, 1942

Answers to Werth, September 24, 1946

Appeal to the Muslims of Russia and the East December 7, 1917

Armed Insurrection and Our Tactics (1905)

At the demonstration June 20, 1917

August Bebel, Leader of the German Workers March 23, 1910

Author's Preface to Volume One (1946)

Autocracy of the Cadets or autocracy of the people? (vol. 2, pp. 20–21)