Germans in Katyn

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  Germans in Katyn. Documents on the execution of Polish prisoners of war in the autumn of 1941.

Compiled by: R. I., Kosolapov, V. E. Pershin, S. Yu. Rychenkov, V. A. Sakharov

Responsible for the issue: S. A. Lozhkin.

Moscow: ITRK Publishing House, 2010 - 280 p. ISBN 978-5-88010-266-2

Hitler about the Poles. October 2, 1940

Hitler about the Poles. October 2, 1940

Communiqué of the Minister of Defense of Poland M. Kukel in connection with the German statement about the discovery of mass graves of Polish officers in Katyn. April 6, 1943

Statement of the Polish government of April 17, 1943, published in London on April 18, 1943, on the discovery of the graves of Polish officers near Smolensk.

Note of the Soviet government on the decision to break off relations with the Polish government. April 25, 1943

Report of the special commission for establishing and investigating the circumstances of the execution by the Nazi invaders in the Katyn forest of Polish officers of war. January 26, 1944

Transcript of the meeting of the Extraordinary Commission for the Investigation of German Atrocities dated January 23, 1944.

Special report of the special department of the NKVD of the Western Front on the situation in the regions. December 10, 1941

Consolidated act on the atrocities of the fascist invaders against peaceful Soviet citizens and prisoners of war on the territory of the Smolensk region. January 25, 1945

The secret of the Zhagan forests. August 28, 1968

From the report of the ministerial adviser Dorsch to Reichsleiter Rosenberg on July 10, 1941 "Report on the prisoner of war camp in Minsk".

Telegram from the Department of Internal Administration from Warsaw to the government of the General Government dated April 19, 1943 Regarding the organization of a survey by the Polish Red Cross of the camps for prisoners of war for Polish officers.

Telegram from the Office of the Internal Administration of Warsaw to the Government of the General Government dated April 20, 1943.

Report of the Technical Commission of the Polish Red Cross to the International Committee of the Red Cross. October 12, 1943

Telegram No. 6 of the Department of Internal Administration from Warsaw to the government of the Governor-General, May 3, 1943.


Letter from the Chief Propaganda Department of the Government of the General Government to the Presidium of the German Red Cross. June 27, 1943

Katyn evidence. prof. Frantisek Gaek. July 9, 1945

Testimony of Wilhelm Schneider. April 2, 1947

From the intelligence report "Arkady" to the western headquarters of the partisan movement "Popova". April 26, 1943

Record of the interrogation of a witness in the case of the fascist provocation of the Katyn forests. August 28, 1943

Conversation between the editor of the Military History Journal, Lieutenant Colonel A. A. Sukhonin, and B. P. Tartakovsky

From the transcript of the meeting of the international military tribunal, the interrogation of witnesses for the defense. July 1, 1946

From the transcript of the sessions of the international military tribunal. Interrogation of witnesses for the prosecution. July 2, 1946

Statement. October 29, 2004

The response of the prosecutor's office to the statement of I. I. Krivitsky. November 2, 2004