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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung

South Of The Mountains To North Of The Seas

Where Do Correct Ideas Come From?

Instruction On The Commune Education Movement

Speech at the Hangchow Conference

Oppose Racial Discrimmination By US Imperialism

Opposing Aggression Against Southern Vietnam By the US-NGO Dinh Diem Clique

The Racial Question Is A Class Question


Comments On Comrade K'o Ching-shih's Report

The Centre's Instruction On Learning From Each Other And Overcoming Complacency And Conceit

Strive To Learn From Each Other And Don't Stick the Beaten Track And Be Complacent

U.S. Imperialism Is The Most Ferocious Enemy Of The World's People

Statement Expressing The Chinese People's Support For The Japanese People's Great Patriotic Struggle

Talk On Health Services

Remarks At The Spring Festival

Talk At The Hantan Forum On Four Clean-ups Work

Remarks At A Briefing

Directive On Labour Reform

Some Interjections At A Briefing The State Planning Commission Leading Group

Interjections At A Briefing By Four Vice-Premiers

Talk On The Third Five Year Plan

Talk On Putting Military Affairs Work Into Full Effect And Cultivating Successors To The Revolution

Conversation With Zanzibar Expert M. M. Ali And His Wife

Talks With Mao Yan-hsin

We Must Prevent China From Changing Colour

Comment On Report By Comrade Wang Tung-hsing

Interview With The Japanese Socialists On The Theory Of The Intermediate Zone

Talk On Questions Of Philosophy

Talk On Sakata's Article

Interjections At An Anti-Revisionist Reports Meeting

American Imperialism Is Closely Surrounded By The Peoples Of The World

China Will Take A Giant Stride Forward

Highlights Of Forum On Central Committee Work

Interjections At A Central Conference

Speech At The Central Work Conference

Why The "First Ten Articles" "Sixty Articles" Can Mobilize Manpower

On Education - Conversation With The Nepalese Delegation Of Educationists


Talk On The Four Clean-ups Movement

Directives After Hearing The Reports Of Ku Mu And Yu Ch'iu-li On Planning Work

You Fight Your Way And Ill Fight My Way A Conversation With The Palestine Liberation Organisation Delegation

Directive On Public Health

Notes On The Report Of The Investigation Of The Peking Teachers' Training College

Letter To Comrade Chen Yi Discussing Poetry

Speech At Hangchow

Talk At The National Work Conference Of The Politbureau

Comment On The Article -- 'How To Play Table Tennis' By Comrade Hsu Yin-sheng

Notes On Comrade Ch'en Cheng-jen's Report On His 'Squatting Point'

Talk At A Work Conference Of The Centre


Interview With Andre Malraux

Talks With Mao Yan-hsin (2)

Down With The Prince Of Hell, Liberate The Little Devil - A Talk With Such Comrades As K'ang Sheng

Talk At Enlarged Standing Committee Meeting Of The Political Bureau

Talk At The Enlarged Meeting Of The Political Bureau

Criticize P'eng Chen

Notes On The Report Of Further Improving The Army's Agricultural Work By The Rear Service Department Of The Military Commission

Speech At A Meeting With Regional Secretaries And Members Of The Cultural Revolutionary Group Of The Central Committee

A Letter To The Red Guards Of Tsinghua University Middle School

The Anti-Japanese Military And Political University

Interjection At Enlarged Meeting Of CCPCC Standing Committee

Bombard The Headquarters - My First Big-Character Poster

Speech At The Closing Ceremony Of The Eleventh Plenum Of The Eighth Central Committee

Talk At The Work Conference Of The Centre


Talk At The General Report Conference Of The Centre's Political Work

Talk At The Report Meeting

Talk At The Central Work Conference

Talk At A Meeting Of The Central Cultural Revolution Group

Talk At The Enlarged Meeting Of The Military Commission

Talks At Three Meetings With Comrades Chang Ch'un-ch'iao And Yao Wen-yuan

Speech To The Albanian Military Delegation

Directive On External Propaganda Work

Dialogues During Inspection Of North, Central - South And East China

Letter To Lin, Chou And Central Committee Cultural Revolution Group

The Days Of The U.S. Aggressors In Vietnam Are Numbered

Conversation With Premier Chou On Power Struggle

A New Storm Against Imperialism

Dialogues With Responsible Persons Of Capital Red Guards Congress

Address At The Opening Session Of The Ninth National Congress Of The Chinese Communist Party

Talk At The First Plenum Of The Ninth Central Committee Of The Chinese Communist Party

Directives Regarding Cultural Revolution

Twenty Manifestations Of Bureaucracy

People Of The World, Unite And Defeat The U.S. Aggressors And All Their Running Dogs

Conversations With Wang Hai-jung

Talks With Responsible Comrades At Various Places During Provincial Tour