Marx-Engels Collected Works, Table of Contents

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Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 38

Volume 38

Marx & Engels

October 1844-December 1851

Engels to Marx. Beginning of October3
Marx to Julius Campe. 7 October7
Marx to Heinrich Börnstein. Not later than November8
Marx to Heinrich Börnstein. Autumn8
Engels to Marx. 19 November9
Marx to Heinrich Börnstein. End of December 1844 - beginning of January 184514
Marx to Arnold Ruge. 15 January15
Engels to Marx. About 20 January15
Marx to Heinrich Heine. End of January-l February21
Engels to Marx. 22 February-7 March21
Engels to Marx. 17 March26
Marx to Heinrich Heine. 24 March30
Marx to Zacharius Lowenthal. 9 May31
Engels to Marie Engels. 31 May32
Engels to Julius Campe. 14 October34
Engels to Marie Blank. 7 March35
Engels to Emil Blank. 3 April36
Marx to Heinrich Heine. Beginning of April37
Marx to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. 5 May38
Marx to Karl Ludwig Bernays. 7 May40
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 14-16 May41
Engels to Marx. 27 July44
Engels and Marx to Moses Hesse. 27 July and about 29 July47
Marx to Carl Friedrich Julius Leske. 1 August48
Engels to Marx. 19 August52
Engels to the Communist Correspondence Committee in Brussels. 19 August56
Marx to Karl Ludwig Bernays. August60
Engels to the Communist Correspondence Committee in Brussels. 16 September60
Engels to Marx. 18 September67
Engels to Marx. After 18 September73
Engels to Marx. About 18 October75
Engels to the Communist Correspondence Committee in Brussels. 23 October81
Engels to Marx. About 23 October86
Engels to Marx. 2 November88
Engels to Marx. Middle of November-December89
Marx to Pavel Vasilyevich Annenkov. 28 December95
Engels to Marx. 15 January107
Marx to Roland Daniels. 7 March110
Engels to Marx. 9 March111
Marx to Engels. 15 May117
Marx to Georg Herwegh. 27 July118
Marx to Georg Herwegh. 8 August119
Marx to Moses Hess. 2 September121
Engels to Marx. 28-30 September122
Marx to Werner von Veltheim. 29 September131
Engels to Lucien-Leopold Jottrand. 30 September132
Engels to Marx. 25-26 October133
Engels to Ceorg Herwegh. 26 October140
Engels to Marx 14-15 November142
Engels to Marx. 23-24 November146
Marx to Pavel Vasilyevich Annenkov. 9 December150
Engels to Marx. 14 January152
Engels to Marx. 21 January155
Marx to Engels. Between 7 and 12 March158
Engels to Marx. 8-9 March158
Marx to Engels. 16 March161
Engels to Marx. 18 March163
Engels to Emil Blank. 26 March165
Engels to Emil Blank. 28 March167
Marx and Engels to Etienne Cabet. 5 April169
Engels to Emil Blank. 15 April170
Marx to Engels. About 24 April171
Engels to Marx. 25 April172
Engels to Marx. 9 May174
Engels to Emil Blank. 24 May175
Engels to Karl Friedrich Koppen. 1 September177
Marx to Engels. About 29 or 30 October177
Marx to Engels. First half of November178
Marx to Ferdinand Lassalle. 13 November180
Marx to Engels. 29 November181
Marx to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 5 December182
Engels to Marx. 28 December183
Marx to Wilhelm Stieber. About 29 December183
Engels to Marx. 7-8 January185
Marx to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 15 January 189
Marx to Ernst Dronke. 3 February190
Engels to Daniel Fenner von Fenneberg. 1 March191
Marx to Colonel Engels. 3 March192
Marx to Colonel Engels. Before 15 April194
Marx to Engels. Before 15 April195
Marx to Engels. 23 April195
Marx to Hermann Brehmer. 6 May196
Marx to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 6 May197
Marx to Andreas Stifft. 6 May197
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. l June198
Marx to Engels. 7 June198
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 13 July201
Marx to Caroline Scholer. 14 July202
Engels to Jenny Marx. 25 July202
Marx to Ferdinand Freiligrath. 31 July204
Marx to Engels. End of July207
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. End of July208
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. Mid-August209
Marx to Engels. 17 August210
Marx to Engels. 23 August212
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 23 August213
Engels to Jakob Lukas Schabelitz. 24 August214
Marx to Ferdinand Freiligrath. 5 September216
Engels to George Julian Harney. 5 October217
Marx to Louis Bauer. 30 November218
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 19 December218
Engels to Jakob Lukas Schabelitz. 22 December221
Marx to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 1 January223
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 8 January224
Marx to Ferdinand Freiligrath. 11 January224
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 4 February225
Marx to Louis Bauer. 5 February226
Engels to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 7 February227
Engels to Julius Schuberth, Theodor Hagen and Stephen Adolph Naut. 4 March228
Marx to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 12 March229
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 9 April 230
Engels to Julius Schuberth. About 11 April231
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 22 April 232
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 25 April 233
Engels and Marx to Francois Pardigon. 6 May 235
Engels to Theodor Schuster. 13 May 236
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 8 June237
Marx to Heinrich Burgers. 25 June237
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 27 June238
Marx to Karl Blind 17 July239
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 29 October240
Marx to Engels. 19 November241
Marx to Engels. 23 November242
Engels to Marx. 25 November243
Marx to Engels. 2 December 244
Marx to Hermann Becker. 2 December251
Engels to Emil Blank. 3 December252
Engels to Marx. 17 December 254
Marx to Engels. 6 January 257
Marx to Engels. 7 January258
Engels to Marx. 8 January263
Marx to Engels. 22 January265
Engels to Marx. 25 January 266
Marx to Engels. 27 January268
Engels to Marx. 29 January270
Marx to Hermann Becker. About 1 February273
Marx to Engels. 3 February273
Engels to Marx. 5 February278
Marx to Hermann Becker. 8 February282
Marx to Engels. 10 February283
Marx to Engels. 11 February285
Engels to Marx. 12 February 286
Engels to Marx. 13 February289
Marx to Engels. 23 February291
Marx to Engels. 24 February 297
Engels to Marx. 25 February 299
Engels to Marx. 26 February 301
Marx to Engels. 26 February 303
Engels to Marx. 26 February 305
Engels to Marx. 27 February 306
Engels to Marx. 28 February 307
2 Marx to Hermann Becker. 28 February308
Marx to Engels. 1 March311
l54. Marx to Engels. 8 March313
Engels to Marx. 10 March314
Engels to Marx. 17 March315
Marx to Engels. 17 March316
Engels to Marx. 19 March319
Marx to Engels. 22 March321
Marx to Engels. 31 March322
Marx to Engels. 2 April325
Engels to Marx. 3 April326
Marx to Hermann Becker. 9 April331
Engels to Marx. 11 April 332
Marx to Engels. 15 April 333
Engels to Marx. 15 April 335
Engels to Marx. 1 May 336
Engels to Wilhelm Wolff. 1 May 339
Marx to Engels. 3 May342
Marx to Engels. 5 May344
Engels to Marx. About 6 May346
Engels to Marx. 8 May348
Engels to Marx. 9 May350
4 Engels to Marx. 15 May353
Marx to Engels. 16 May354
Engels to Marx. 19 May356
Marx to Engels. 21 May359
Engels to Marx. 23 May361
Engels to Marx. 27 May365
Marx to Engels. 28 May366
Marx to Roland Daniels. Second half of May368
Marx to Engels. 16 June369
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 19 June370
Engels to Marx. 27 June373
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 27 June375
Engels to Marx. About 6 July378
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 9 July380
Marx to Engels. 13 July383
Marx to Engels. About 17 July 388
Engels to Marx. 17 July389
Engels to Marx. About 20 July 392
Engels to Marx. 30 July 395
Marx to Engels. 31 July396
Engels lo Marx. About 1 August399
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 2 August401
Engels to Wilhelm Wolff. 6 August 404
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer.405
Marx to Engels. 8 August408
Engels to Marx. About 10 August417
Engels to Marx. About 11 August419
Marx to Engels. 14 August422
Marx to Hermann Ebner. 15-22 August 426
Marx to Engels. About 20 August433
Engels to Marx. 21 August434
Marx to Engels. 25 August436
Engels to Marx. About 27 August 444
Marx to Engels. 31 August445
Engels to Marx. 1 September449
Engels to Marx. 8 September451
Engels to Marx. 11 September453
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 11 September453
Marx to Engels. 13 September455
Engels to Marx. 19 September457
l4. Engels to Marx. 23 September458
Marx to Engels. 23 September463
Engels to Marx. 25 September468
Engels to Marx. 26 September469
Marx to Amalie Daniels. Between 4 and 8 October472
Marx to Engels. 13 October472
Engels to Marx. 15 October477
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 16 October480
Marx to Engels. 19 October482
Marx to Engels. 25 October485
Engels to Marx. About 27 October486
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 31 October489
Marx to Engels. 24 November490
Engels to Marx. 27 November493
Marx to Adolf Cluss. Beginning of December496
Marx to Engels. 1 December 496
Marx to Hermann Ebner. 2 December499
Engels to Marx. 3 December503
Marx to Engels. 9 December 507
Engels to Marx. 10 December 508
Engels to Marx. 11 December 510
Engels to Marie Blank. 15 December514
Engels to Marx. 16 December 515
Engels to Jenny Marx. 18 December517
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 19 December 518
Marx to Ferdinand Freiligrath. 27 December 520