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Enver Hoxha

The Revolutionary Communists Expect China to Come Out Openly Against Khrushcevite Revisionism

Date: April 3, 1962
Source: Reflections on China, Vol. 1, page 7
Publisher The Institute of Marxist-Leninist Studies at the Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania, The 8 Nentori Publishing House, Tirana, 1979
Transciption: Marcus Winter
HTML Markup: Mike B.
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The revolutionary communists in all the communist and workers' parties of the world expect the Communist Part of China to take an open and direct stand condemning Khrushchevite revisionism which is spreading and causing damage and which has encountered only one open opponent: the Party of Labour of Albania. They are all in solidarity with and support the correct line of our Party, admire the courage, but quite correctly expect the Communist Party of China to come out openly. The tactic of the ideological struggle which China is following against the Khrushchevites does not encourage the revolutionary elements, while it gives the waverers the pretext to say: "See, China is not moving openly for the sake of unity, we should not move either, for otherwise we would split, and that is not good." And this at a time when the revisionists, on their part, are acting openly and covertly, attacking, slandering, etc. This is an important problem, but up now, the Chinese have not had any contact at all with us to discuss these things. Were our enemies to know that between us there is no consultation at all about the fight against the modern revisionists, they would be astonished. They would never believe it. But that is how things stand.