On the methods and techniques of subversive work of fascist intelligence services and their Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents.

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On the methods and techniques of subversive work of fascist intelligence services and their Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents.

 P.V. Karamyshev. 

Echo of the Great Terror Vol.3, M. 2018

Yuzhnaya Pravda, July 10, 1938, No. 151

July 10, 1938

The facts cited demonstrate with sufficient clarity all the diversity and sophistication of the forms, methods and means to which fascist intelligence services resort to subversive work against the party and the Soviet government; These facts also show that the fascist intelligence services attract literally all the scum and scum of human society for espionage, sabotage and sabotage work on the territory of the USSR, and first of all the Trotskyists, Bukharinites and bourgeois nationalists - these bitter enemies of workers and peasants.

However, no matter how subtly the Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents of Polish-German and Japanese fascism were subtly disguised, how deeply they did not conspire with their despicable subversive work, no matter how sophisticated they were in the means and methods of espionage, sabotage and sabotage, they still did not escape the punishing hands of Soviet intelligence. Having cleared of the enemy abomination - all kinds of berries, Balitsky and their accomplices, the Soviet intelligence, headed by the glorious Stalinist People's Commissar Comrade [arish] II. Yezhov, led by the Stalinist Central Committee of the Party and personally by Comrade Stalin, with the help of the multimillion Soviet people, exposed and destroyed the hornets' nests of the Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents of the bourgeois intelligence and, fulfilling the will of the people, gave them what they deserved.

However, not for a minute do we have the right to indulge in any complacency whatsoever. The still unrevealed remnants of the enemy agents are deeply hidden in order to crawl out of their holes at any moment and continue their vile work.

Every day the work of Soviet intelligence agencies shows with ever greater clarity that the struggle to clear the Soviet land of all kinds of spies and wreckers is far from over.

We must always remember and not for a second forget the wise words of the great Stalin about the capitalist encirclement, that as long as this capitalist encirclement exists, until then bourgeois intelligence services will send their hired spies - spies, saboteurs, saboteurs and murderers to the territory of the USSR.

There is absolutely no doubt that no matter how sophisticated the enemies may be in the means of their subversive work against the Soviet state, they will be beaten, just as they have been beaten and crushed up to now. Soviet intelligence, relying on the mighty support of the people, is catching and will continue to hunt out fascist mercenaries, no matter how deeply and subtly they are conspiring. We will not let the enemy live on Soviet soil - Soviet intelligence will destroy, like the very last reptile, anyone who tries to dirty us, who tries to stand up against the people, against the interests of our great and beautiful motherland.

Tov [arishch] N.I. Yezhov, in his speech at a meeting of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR on awarding him with the Order of Lenin, said: the interests of this people, would stand guard over the conquests of the people.

In the capitalist world, intelligence agencies are the most hated part of the state apparatus for the broad masses of the working population, since they guard the interests of the dominant handful of capitalists. In our country, on the contrary, Soviet intelligence agencies and state security agencies are guarding the interests of the Soviet people. Therefore, they enjoy well-deserved respect, well-deserved love of the entire Soviet people. "

Thousands of examples from the experience of the NKVD organs testify to this great, inextricable connection between Soviet intelligence and the broadest masses of the working people of our country. And each of these examples is an excellent illustration of the words of comrade N.I. Yezhov.

We will cite at least a few typical cases in this regard from the practice of the work of the NKVD bodies in the Nikolaev region. A distant relative came from somewhere to the neighbors of citizen N., an elderly woman living in the city of Nikolaev. From the very first days, the behavior of this relative, strange explanations about the circumstances and purposes of his visit to Nikolaev caused N. some doubts. She began to look closely at the behavior of a relative of her neighbors and then came to the conclusion that something was amiss. N. personally applied to the NKVD authorities and stated:

- For two days now, I've been following this newcomer, he is a suspicious person, unusually, he looks at the floor all the time, looks around, rarely goes out into the street, hides from people.

The NKVD authorities became interested in this citizen and soon established that he was an agent of Polish intelligence who had arrived in Nikolaev with special, espionage and sabotage purposes.

In another case, a worker of one of the Nikolaev factories B. wrote a statement in which it is said that an engineer A. works at the factory, whose behavior arouses great suspicion among the workers of the shop. Due to A.'s fault, the workers receive incorrect drawings, which are reworked several times, the same work is performed two or even three times, equipment is often idle in the shop due to poor maintenance of machines, lack of raw materials and tools; engineer A. ignores the rationalization proposals of the workers, overwrites the Stakhanovists, does not help them in their work, etc., etc.

The organs of the NKVD, having received B.'s letter, carefully looked at the engineer A. and the orders that existed in the shop they led. And what came to light? It turned out that engineer A. headed a sabotage group, which over a long period of time was destroying the work in the shop in every possible way, disrupting the fulfillment of production tasks, putting a spoke in the wheels of the Stakhanovites, etc. vigilance, the NKVD authorities uncovered a gang of major state criminals.

Agents of one of the foreign intelligence services, on a special mission of intelligence, were preparing a large, sabotage act in Nikolaev at one of the Nikolaev factories. In one of the courtyards of the city, the scouts created an artfully disguised warehouse, where the funds necessary for the implementation of this sabotage act were gradually brought.

Citizen [azhanka] Ye.M. Nazaryeva living in the same courtyard. drew attention to the very suspicious behavior of some of the residents of the house. Soon she herself even managed to attack the traces of this warehouse, after which she reported to all the NKVD organs. The latter, proceeding from the signal from citizen Nazaryeva, began to unravel the case and as a result uncovered the entire spy gang, thereby preventing the execution of a major act of sabotage that would cost the lives of many workers and, in addition, cause enormous material damage to our state.

According to the statement of the workers of the cities [ode] of Alexandria, a sabotage group has recently been exposed, entrenched in the mines of "Ukrburuglya" and preparing acts of sabotage with the aim of disrupting coal mining.

Similar examples of a high sense of patriotism, high revolutionary vigilance shown by the working people of our country can be cited endlessly.

The Alexandrian workers did what they do every day, every hour, thousands and tens of thousands of Soviet citizens, the devoted sons of their socialist fatherland. This is precisely the great overwhelming power of Soviet intelligence, and this is what makes Soviet intelligence the formidable sword of the proletarian dictatorship, before which all the enemies of the Soviet people and their vile mercenaries and spies tremble.

The decision of the February-March and January plenums of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), and the instructions of Comrade Stalin, oblige us to hold high the banner of revolutionary vigilance in order to completely root out the remnants of the enemy agents and in the shortest possible time eliminate all the consequences of enemy sabotage.

This task is facing the communists and working people of our flourishing Soviet Ukraine, which is attracting the special attention of the Polish nobles and German barons, with particular vigor.

As the recently held XIV Congress of the CP (b) U emphasized, the basis for the further strengthening of Soviet Ukraine, as a mighty outpost of the socialist country on the western borders of the USSR, is the unswerving implementation of the decisions of the February-March and January plenums of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and Comrade Stalin's instructions on the merciless the struggle for the uprooting and destruction of the enemies of the people, about the decisive and active elimination of the consequences of enemy sabotage in all sectors of the national economy.

In carrying out this task, a tremendous amount of work has to be done by the Soviet intelligence agencies. There can be no doubt that the Soviet intelligence, led by the Stalinist People's Commissar Comrade N.I. Yezhov, will fulfill this task, for it rests on the active and powerful support of the entire people, who know that the work of the NKVD organs is the most important part of the cause of workers and peasants, of the cause of socialism. The people know that the work of the NKVD organs clears the air of our great homeland from the rot and poisons with which the capitalist world wants to poison us. The people know that by helping Soviet intelligence, they will help themselves, they are helping to destroy the bastards who want to return the free and happy peoples of the USSR under the yoke of fascist fanatics, under the yoke of capitalists and landowners.

Yuzhnaya Pravda, July 10, 1938, no . 151 .