From Trotsky to Tito

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On Trotskyism

From Trotsky to Tito

James Klugmann 1951
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Chapter One: The Resolution of the Communist Information Bureau I: The Main Criticisms
II: Problems of the Transition to Socialism
III: Destruction of the Party
IV: Bourgeois Nationalism
V: Conclusion

Chapter Two: What the Trials Revealed I: The Truth About the Titoites Emerges
II: Betrayal of the Liberation Struggle
III: The Postwar Plots
IV: Tito’s Plot Against Albania
V: After the Information Bureau Resolution
VI: Conclusion

Chapter Three: Spies and Agents in the Labour Movement I: Labour Spies – A British Capitalist Tradition
II: USA – Stoolpigeon State
III: Marshall Aid in Spies
IV: Conclusion

Chapter Four: Role and Tactics of the Titoites Today – I I: From Trotsky to Tito
II: Titoite Role in Western Aggression
III: Titoite War Bloc

Chapter Five: Role and Tactics of the Titoites Today – II I: Arsenal of Anti-Soviet Slander
II: Titoites at UNO
III: Disrupting the Left from Within

Chapter Six: Inside Tito Yugoslavia I: The Working Class
II: The Position of the Peasants
III: Phoney Collectives
IV: Yugoslavia’s Economic Plight
V: The Oppression of the Yugoslav People
VI: Resistance of the Yugoslav People

Chapter Seven: The Great Contrast I: Soviet Aid and Western Generosity
II: Tito Yugoslavia Goes West
III: Back to Semi-Colonial Status
IV: The Other Road
V: The Lesson

Chapter Eight: Some Conclusions I: Tito in the Service of Western Reaction
II: Tito and the Right-Wing Labour Leaders
III: Some Lessons
IV: Socialist Theory
V: Friendship with the Soviet Union
VI: Unity
VII: Vigilance
VIII: Solidarity with the Yugoslav People