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The R.S.D.P. and Its Immediate Tasks

The Social-Democratic View of the National Question

Briefly About the Disagreements in the Party

Armed Insurrection and Our Tactics

Provisional Revolutionary Government

The Agrarian Question

Anarchism or Socialism?

Concerning the Agrarian Question

The Class Struggle

Marx and Engels on Insurrection

The Present Situation and the Unity Congress

The State Duma and Tactics of Social-Democracy

The Election Campaign in St. Petersburg and the Mensheviks

Preface to the Georgian Edition of K. Kautsky's Pamphlet

The Party Crisis and Our Tasks

Letters From the Caucasus

1913: Marxism and the National Question

The Elections in St. Petersburg

Against the Moscow Conference

The Constituent Assembly Elections

Stalin 1926

Lagging Behind the Revolution

Outcome of the Moscow Conference

Seventh (April) Conference of the R.S.D.L.P.

Speeches Delivered at an Emergency Conference

Speech at a Meeting of the Central Committee

Speeches at the Sixth Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.

The Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies

Whither the Moscow Conference

Telegram to V.I. Lenin

Letter to V.I. Lenin

Letter to V.I. Lenin

Letter to V.I. Lenin

Telegram to the Council of People's Commissars

Telegram to Vorishilov

The Southern Front

Organization of a Russian Federal Republic

The October Revolution and the National Question

Speeches at Third All-Russian Congress of Soviets

Letter to V.I. Lenin

Report to Comrade Lenin

The Shooting of the Twenty-Six Baku Comrades

Telegram to V.I. Lenin

Telegram to V.I. Lenin

Speech at the Opening of the Second All-Russian Congress

Our Disagreements

The Presentation of the National Question

The Immediate Tasks of Communism

Immediate Tasks of the Party in the National Question

A Letter to V. I. Lenin


The October Revolution and the National Policy

The Party Before and After Taking Power

The Tenth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)

The Formation of the Union of the Soviet Republics

Question of Union of Independent National Republics

The Union of the Soviet Republics

The Discussion, Rafail, and the Articles

Fourth Conference of the Central Committee

A Necessary Comment

National Factors in Party and State Affairs

October Revolution and the Question of Middle Strata

 The party's task Stalin

On The Death Of Lenin

The Communist Party of Poland

1924: Trotskyism or Leninism?

October Revolution & Tactics of the Russian Communists

Concerning the International Situation

The Communist Party of Poland

On the Contradictions in the Young Communist League

The Foundations of Leninism

Stalin 1926


October Revolution and Tactics of the Communists

The Party's Immediate Tasks in the Countryside

The Thirteenth Conference of the R.C.P.(B.)

Thirteenth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)

Leninism or Trotskyism

The Political Tasks of the University of the Peoples of the East

Stalin to Molotov, 8/1/25

A Letter To Comrade D--ov

A Letter To Comrade Yermakovsky

Concerning the National Question in Yugoslavia

The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

Concerning Questions of Leninism

The Question of the Proletariat and the Peasantry

Fourteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.)

Stalin 1926

International Situation and Tasks of Communist Parties

The National Question Once Again

The Prospects of the C.P.G. and Bolshevisation

Political Tasks . . . Peoples of the East

Questions and Answers

Work of XIV Conference of the R.C.P.(B.)

Speech [on Trotsky] . . . Central Committee

The Anglo-Russian Unity Committee

The Anglo-Russian Unity Committee

The Anglo-Russian Unity Committee

The Fight Against Right and "Ultra-Left" Deviations

To the Editorial Board of the <I>Daily Worker

Economic Situation and the Policy of the Party

Stalin 1926

The Opposition Bloc in the C.P.S.U.(B.)

The Peasantry as an Ally of the Working Class

The Possibility of Building Socialism in Our Country

The Prospects of the Revolution in China

Reply to Discussion on . . . Soc-Dem Deviation

The Social-Democratic Deviation in Our Party

The General Strike, 1926

Concerning Questions Of The Chinese Revolution

Questions & Answers to American Trade Unionists: Stalin's Interview With the First American Trade Union Delegation to Soviet Russia

Slogan . . . in Preparation for October

 The Fifteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.)

International Character of October Revolution

Joint Plenum of the C.C. and Control Commission of the CPSU(B)

Notes on Contemporary Themes

Political Complexion of the Russian Opposition

The Party and the Opposition

Questions of the Chinese Revolution

Question of a Workers' and Peasants' Government

Revolution in China and Tasks of the Comintern

Talk with Students at Sun Yat-sen University

The Trotskyist Opposition Before and Now

On the Grain Front

Results of the July Plenum of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.)

The Right Danger in the German Communist Party

Against Vulgarising the Slogan of Self-Criticism

Results of Procurement Campaign and Tasks of the Party

On the Grain Front

Grain Procurements and the Development of Agriculture

Industrialisation and the Right Deviation

Lenin and the Question of . . . Middle Peasant

Speech at Eighth Congress of A.U.L.Y.C.L.

To Members of the Political Bureau of the C.C.

Plenum of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.)

Stalin's Speeches on the CPUSA

Emulation and Labour Enthusiasm of the Masses

The National Question and Leninism

Concerning Questions of Agrarian Policy

Concerning the Policy of Eliminating of the Kulaks as a Class

Dizzy with Success

Report of the C.C. to the 16th Congress of the CPSU(B)

Reply to Collective-Farm Comrades

Talk With the German Author Emil Ludwig

An Interview with the German Author Emil Ludwig

New Conditions -- New Tasks in Economic Construction

Questions Concerning the History of Bolshevism

Reply to the Letter of Mr. Richardson

The Importance and Tasks of the Complaints-Bureaus

Replies to the Questions of Ralph V. Barnes

Mr. Campbell Stretches the Truth

The Importance and Tasks of the Complaints-Bureaus

Speech . . . Collective-Farm Shock Brigaders

Address to the Graduates from the Red Army Academies

Pravda's mistakes on the Moscow Trials

Defects in Party Work

Speech at a Meeting of Voters

Mastering Bolshevism

1938: Dialectical and Historical Materialism

On Applying Physical Pressure to Prisoners

On the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union

Author's Preface to Volume One

Marxism and Problems of Linguistics

Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR