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1931 - 1934


The Tasks of Economic Executives (February 4,1931)

New Conditions -- New Tasks in Economic Construction (june 23, 1931)

Questions Concerning the History of Bolshevism (1931)

Talk With the German Author Emil Ludwig (December 11, 1931) [Alternate Translation]


Reply to the Letter of Mr. Richardson (April 3, 1932)

The Importance and Tasks of the Complaints-Bureaus (April 7, 1932)

Letter from I.V. Stalin to .V. Kosior about the political situation in the villages of Ukraine. April 16, 1932

Replies to the Questions of Ralph V. Barnes (May 3, 1932)

To the Deputy People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs and Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR M.N. May 7, 1932

To members of the Politburo on June 5, 1932


From letters to L.M. Kaganovich in connection with the development and implementation of the law  August 7, 1932

Letter from Stalin to Kaganovich on the situation in Ukraine  August 10, 1932

From the speeches of Stalin and Molotov at a joint meeting of the PB of the CC and the Presidium of the CCC of the CPSU (b). November 27, 1932

Mr. Campbell Stretches the Truth (November 30, 1932)


The Results of the First Five-Year Plan  (January 7,1933)

Work in the Countryside  (January 11, 1933)

Directive of the Central Committee on preventing the mass departure of starving peasants.  January 22, 1933

Note to L.M. Kaganovich and V.M. Molotov on the prohibition of travel by foreign correspondents in the USSR. 19 February 1933

Speech Delivered At The First All-Union Congress Of Collective-Farm Shock Brigaders (February 19, 1933)

From the correspondence between M.A.Sholokhov and I.V. Stalin. April 4 - May 6, 1933

On the cessation of mass evictions of peasants - May 8, 1933

Talk With Colonel Robins (May 13, 1933)

On increasing the wages of workers in the textile industry. 13 August 1933


From the report of JV Stalin to the XVII Congress of the CPSU (b). January 26, 1934

Questions of Organizational Leadership January 26, 1934

Report to the Seventeenth Party Congress on the Work of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U (January 28,1934)

Stalin's letter about Bukharin's article "The Economy of the Soviet Country." May  1934

Telegram V.M. Molotov and I.V. Stalin to the leadership of the Ukrainian SSR on measures to combat drought.  May 14, 1934

On an Article by Engels, July 19, 1934

Marxism Versus Liberalism - An Interview With H.G. Wells 23 July 1934

Stalin's speech. July 2, 1934

To the members of the Politburo - August 5, 1934

Speech on the report of VM Molotov. November 26, 1934

Talk with the Metal Producers, December 26, 1934

Decisions on the Manuals of History
May 16 1934

Remarks on a Summary of the Manual of the History of the U.S.S.R., August 8, 1934

Remarks on the Summary of the Manual of the Modern History, August 9, 1934

The Death of Kirov, December 1, 1934