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1922- 1924

The Victory Of Socialism In One Country April 2, 1922

JV Stalin's note to members on voting by poll to approve the death sentence in the case of the Moscow clergy - May1922

Question of Union of Independent National Republics (November 1922)

The Formation of the Union of the Soviet Republics (December 1922)

The Union of the Soviet Republics (December 1922)


Concerning the Question of the Strategy and Tactics of the Russian Communists March 14, 1923

National Factors in Party and State Affairs (March 24, 1923)

 The Fifteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.) (June 9-12 1923)

Fourth Conference of the Central Committee

"The Sultan-Galiyev Case" June 10 1923

October Revolution and the Question of Middle Strata (November 1923)

The Discussion, Rafail, and the Articles , Trotsky's Letter (December 15, 1923)

The party's task Stalin (December 1923)

A Necessary Comment (December 28, 1923)


On The Contradictions In The Young Communist League April 3, 1924

The Thirteenth Conference of the R.C.P.(B.) 

On the Death of Lenin (January 30, 1924)

Lenin; A Speech Delivered at a Memorial Meeting of the Kremlin Military School (January 28, 1924)

The Foundations of Leninism (April-May 1924)

The Communist Party of Poland (July 3, 1924)

Concerning the International Situation (February 1924)

On the Contradictions in the Young Communist League (April 13, 1924)

Concerning the National Question in Yugoslavia (April 15 1924)

The Communist Party of Poland  (July 3, 1924 )

On The Results of the Thirteen Congress of the R.C.P.(B.) June 17, 1924

The Party's Immediate Tasks in the Countryside (October 22 1924)

Trotskyism or Leninism? (November 19, 1924) [Alternate Translation]

The October Revolution & the Tactics of the Russian Communists (December 1924)

October Revolution and Tactics of the Communists (December 1924) ORIGINAL