Stalin Kaganovich Molotov Correspondence

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 Stalin , Molotov and Kaganovich. Correspondence. 1931–1936

The book contains the correspondence of I.V. Stalin and his deputy for the party L.M. Kaganovich. Leaving in the summer-autumn of 1931-1936. for several months to the south, Stalin left Kaganovich to manage the work of the Politburo, but he himself received all the materials for the meetings of the Politburo and actually directed its activities with the help of letters and telegrams addressed to Kaganovich (some of them are addressed to all members of the Politburo). The published documents contain unique information about the decision-making mechanism of the top Soviet leadership on both domestic and foreign policy issues. Among the key topics of the correspondence are the famine of 1932, the adoption of the law on combating the theft of socialist property of August 7, 1932, conflicts with Japan, the war in Spain, the preparation of an open trial in the case of the “Trotskyite-Zinoviev Center”, and others.

The publication is intended for historians, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in the history of the USSR and the CPSU.

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All years are available but not published yet - we are in the process of organizing with newly found additions