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THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION ; А Collection Of Articles & Speeches 

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The October Revolution And The National Question

I. The February Revolution And The National Question. .

II. The October Revolution And The National Question. .

III. The International Importance of The October Revolution

The Logic Of Events

(Apropos The "Theses" Of The Central Committee Of The Mensheviks)

I. The October UPRISING

II. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

III. The Petty-Bourgeois Angle

IV. What is next? 

The October Insurrection

{ October 24 And 25, 1917, In Petrograd)

The Political State Of The Republic

(Report Delivered On October 27, 1920, At The Regional Conference Of Communist Organizations Of The Don And Caucasus Held In The City Of Vladikavkaz)


(Report At The Celebration Meeting Of The Baku Soviet, November 7, 1920)

The First Period

The Second Period

The Third Period


The Party After The Seizure Of Power

(Extract From The Article The Par􀁤y Be/Ore And After The Seizure of Power)

The October Revolution And The National Policy

Of The Russian Communists

The October Revolution And The Alliance Between

The Workers And The Peasants

(Extract From The Article Entitled Perspectives)

The October Revolution And The Strategy Of The Russian Communists

(Extract From The Article Entitled On The Question О/ The Strategy And Tactics Of The Russian Communists)

I. Historical Turns-Strategic Plans

П. The First Historical Turn And The Соurse Towards А Bourgeois-Democratic Revolution In Russia

M. The Second Historical Turn And The Course Towards The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat In Russia

Iv. The Third Historical Turn And The Course Towards The Proletarian Revolution In Europe

The October Revolution And The Question Of The Middle Strata

Trotskyism Or Leninism?

(Speech At The Plenum Of The Communist Fraction Of The All Union Central Council Of Trade Unions, Delivered On November 19, 1924)

I. The Facts Concerning the October Uprising

II. The Party And The Preparation For October

III. Trotskyism Or Leninism?

The October Revolution And The Tactics Of The Russian Communists

(Preface To The book Entitled  On The Way To October)

I. The Internal And External settings for the  October Revolution

П. Two Special Features Of . The October Revolution-Or October And Comrade Тrotsky's Theory Of Permanent Revolution  . .

In Certain Special Feature Of The Tactics Of The Bolsheviks During The Period Of Preparation FOR October

IV. The October Revolution  The Beginning Of And Premise For The World Revolution

October, Lenin And The Prospects Of Our Development

The Three Basic Slogans Of The Party On The Peasant Question

(Reply To Comrade Yan-Sky)

The Slogan Of The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat And The Poorest Peasantry In The Period Of Preparation For October

(Reply To Comrade S. Pokrovsky)

The International Character Of The October Revolution

( On The Occasion Of The Tenth Anniversary Of The October Revo1ution)

One Of The Fundamental Divergences Between The Party And The Trotsky-Zinoviev Opposition Bloc

(From The Political Report Of The Central Committee To The Fifteenth Congress Of The C.P.S.U., December 3, 1927)