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Magnitogorsk [May 19, 1931]

Magnitostroy [March 30, 1932]

Mandate of the St. Petersburg Workers to their Labour Deputy October 1912

Mandate to the SocialDemocratic Deputies in the Third State Duma  September 22, 1907

Marshal Stalin's Thanks

Marx and Engels on Insurrection (1906)

Marxism and the National Question (vol. 2, pp. 290–367)

Marxism and Problems of Linguistics

Marxism and Problems of Linguistics (June 20, 1950)

Marxism and the National Question (1912)

Marxism Versus Liberalism  An Interview With H.G. Wells 23 July 1934

Mastering Bolshevism (March, 3 1937)

Maxim Gorky September 25, 1932 (vol. 13, p. 142)

May Day April 18 (May 1), 1917

Measures Taken to Strengthen the Front (January 31, 1919)

Meeting and workers (vol. 2, pp. 134–145)

Members of the Politburo of the Central Committee. Answer to Frumkin (Regarding Frumkin's letter dated June 15, 1928) (vol. 11, pp. 116–126)

Memorandum of the Deputy Chairman of the USSR State Planning Committee I.T. Smilgi I.V. Stalin. January 9, 1926

Minutes of Conversation between I.V. Stalin and Mao Zedung, Moscow 01/22/1950

More About a Conference with Guarantees February 3, 1908

More about Stockholm

Moved!.. (vol. 2, pp. 237–239)

Mr. Campbell Stretches the Truth (November 30, 1932)

Muddle...April 10, 1907

May Day (vol. 3, pp. 37–38)

Municipal Campaign (vol. 3, pp. 67–79) We Demand (vol. 3, pp. 256–260)

Necessary Amendment (Vol. 12, pp. 137–139)

Necessary remark (About Raphael) (vol. 5, pp. 388391)

Nizhny Novgorod. Automobile plant (I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov) (vol. 13, p. 103)

Nizhny Novgorod. To the head of Avtostroy and the director of the Comrade Molotov Automobile Plant (vol. 13, p. 124)

New situation new tasks of economic construction: Speech at a meeting of business executives on June 23, 1931 (vol. 13, pp. 51–80)

New strip (vol. 2, pp. 225–226)

New government (vol. 3, pp. 146–148)

New campaign of the Entente against Russia (vol. 4, pp. 319–328)

National moments in party and state building: Theses for the XII Congress of the RCP (b), approved by the Central Committee of the party (vol. 5, pp. 181–194)

National Factors in Party and State Affairs (March 24, 1923)

New Conditions  New Tasks in Economic Construction (june 23, 1931)

New Year Message to the Japanese People, (December 31, 1951)

Newspaper "Pravda" (On the day of the 15th anniversary)

Newspaper "Tekhnika"

Nonpartisan weirdos April 15, 1912

Note by G.G. Karpov on the reception by JV Stalin of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. September 1943  

Note by I.V. Stalin to N.I. Yezhov about the SocialistRevolutionaries. January 17, 1938

Note to L.M. Kaganovich and V.M. Molotov on the prohibition of travel by foreign correspondents in the USSR. 19 February 1933

Note to V.I. Lenin from Petrograd by Direct Wire (May 25, 1919)

Notes on Contemporary Themes (July 28, 1927)