Leninism - Selected writings by Stalin,

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  Leninism - Selected writings by Stalin, 1942

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The October Revolution And The Tactics Of The Russian Communists

The Internal and External Setting for the October Revolution

Two Peculiar Features of the October Revolution - or the October Revolution and Trotsky's Theory of Permanent Revolution

Certain Peculiar Features of the Tact1cs of the Бolshev1ks Duпng the Period of Preparations for the October Revolution

The Party's Three Fundamental Slogans On The Peasant Problem

The Slogan Of The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat T And The Poor Peasantry In The Period For Preparation Of The October Revolution

On The Grain Front

Lenin And The Question Of Alliance With The Middle Peasant

The Right Danger In The Communist Party Of The Soviet Union  The Right Deviation In The Communist Party Of The Soviet Union

Class Changes and Our Differences

Differences on Internal Policy

Tl1e Fight Against the Right Deviation

А Year Of Great Change

In the Sphere of Productivity of Labor

In the Sphere of Industrial Construction

In the Sphere of Agricultural Constructing

Problems Of Agrarian Policy In Thе U.S.S.R.

The Theory of "Equilbrium"

Thе Theory of "Spontaneity" ш Soc1al1st Construction

The Theory of the "Stablity" of Small Peasant Farming

Town and Countryside

The Nature of Collective Farms

The Class Changes and the Turn in the Party's Policy


The Policy Of Eliminating The Kulaks As А Class

Dizzy  With Success

Reply To Collective Farm Comrades

The Tasks Of Business Executives

New Conditions, New Tasks In Economic Constructions

Labor Power


The Organization of Work

А Working Class Industrial and Technical Intelligentsia

Symptoms of а Change of Att1tude Among the Old Industrial and Technical Intell1gentsia

Business Accounting

New Methods of Work, New Methods of Management

Some Questions Concerning Thе History Of Bolshevism

Thе Results Of Thе First Five-Year Plan

The International Significance of the Five-Year Plan

The Fundamental Task of the F1ve-Year Plan and the Path of Its Fulfillment

The Results of the Five-Year Plan in Four Years in Industry

The Results of the Five-Year Plan in Four Years in Agriculture

The Results of the Five-Year Plan in Four Years in the Sphere

of Improving the Material Conditions of the Workers and Peasants

The Results of the F1vc-Y ear Plan in Four Years in the Exchange of Goods Between Town and Country 262

The Results 􀊝f the Five-Year Plan in Four Years in the Struggle Against the Remnants of the Hostile Classes

General Conclusions

Work In The Rural Districts

Speech Delivered At The First All-Union Congress Of Collective Farm Shock Workers

Report On The Work Of The Central Соmmittee To The Seventeenth Congress Of The Communist Раrtу Of The Soviet Union

The Continuing Crisis of World Capitalism and the Position of the Soviet Union in International Affairs

The Continued Progress of the National Economy and the Internal Situation in the U.S.S.R.

The Party

Address To The Graduates Of The Red Аrmy Academies

Speech To The First All-Union Conference Of Stakhanovites

On The Draft Constitution Of The U.S.S.R.

Formation of the Constitution Comm1ssion and Its Tasks

Changes in the Life of the U.S.S.R. in the Period from 1924 to 1936

The Principal Specific Features of the Draft Constitution

Bourgeois Criticism of the Draft Constitution

Amendments and Addenda to the Draft Constitution

The Significance of the New Constitution of the U.S.S R

Dialectical And Historical Materialism

Report On The Work Of The Central Committee To The Eighteenth Congress Of The Communist Party Of The Soviet Union

The Soviet Union and International Affairs

Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union

Further Strengthening of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union