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Another View of Stalin, Ludo Martens (Workers Party of Belgium) [download as .pdf in three parts: part 1, part 2, part 3]

Biography of Stalin - Molotov

Comrade Stalin, Leader of Progressive Mankind, Georgy Malenkov (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

Declassified CIA Reports on Stalin

Fifty years after the death of Joseph Stalin, Ludo Martens (Workers Party of Belgium)

Kalinin, Stalin sixty Year

Lenin and Stalin as Mass Leaders, William Z. Foster

Lenin and Stalin on the Relationship of Democratic and Socialist Revolutions in Colonial and Semicolonial Countries, Jose Maria Sison (founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines)

Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union, Mario Sousa (Communist Party of Sweden)

On Stalin, W. E. B. Du Bois (leader of the African American national movement)

On the Question of Stalin, Mao Zedong (Communist Party of China)

Stalin and the Chinese Revolution, Harpal Brar (Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist-Leninist)

Stalin, Friend of the Chinese People, Mao Zedong (Communist Party of China)

Stalin, Leader of Peoples, Man of the Masses, Dolores Ibárruri (La Passionaria) (Communist Party of Spain)

Stalin: Slander and Truth

Stalin and the Soviet Armed Forces

Stalin: The History and Critique of a Black Legend

Stalin: The Myth and the Reality, Bill Bland (Communist League, Britain)

Stalin's Afghan War. Battle of Central Asia

Stalin’s Legacy, James Klugmann (Communist Party of Great Britain)

The Contribution of J. V. Stalin to Marxism-Leninism, M.B. Mitin, M.D. Kammari, G.F. Aleksandrov (Academy of Science of the USSR)

The Great Theoretician of Communism, Dmitry Manuilsky (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

The Record of Stalin, Armando Liwanag (Communist Party of the Philippines)

The Stalin Era, A.L Strong

The Victory of the National Policy of Lenin and Stalin, Lavrenti Beria (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

To You Beloved Comrade, Paul Robeson (African American actor/singer/activist)

Tribute to Stalin, Jawaharlal Nehru (Indian Independence Movement)

With Stalin, Enver Hoxha (Party of Labor of Albania)

Voroshilov, Stalin and the red army

Yaroslavsky, Land Marks in the life of Stalin