Battle Group of the CC of the RSDLP (b) 1905-1907

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Battle group at the Central Committee of the RSDLP (b)

Articles and memoirs, 1927

 "Combat Group at the Central Committee of the RSDLP (b)" in Russian PDF format


The first combat organization of the Social-Democratic Bolsheviks.
S. Posner. The activities of the first combat organization of the Social-Democratic Bolsheviks (for 1905-1907)

Organization and work of the first battle groups.
S. Gusev. Negotiations with officers - guardsmen in 1905

N. Burenin. Organizations of the "Combat Technical Group"

S. Posner. Preparations for an armed uprising in St. Petersburg

"Alpha". Work in the "chemical group" at the Central Committee 1905-1907.

Yu. A. Grozhan. Memoirs of the organizer of the group 1905-1907.

M. Smirnov. Work in Finland
III. Preparation of weapons.

Purchasing weapons abroad.
Stomonyakov. Foreign organization for the delivery of weapons to Russia in 1905
A. Shapovalov. Arms procurement work

M. Litvinov. Transportation of weapons to Russia

L. Luther. Additions to the memoirs of Comrade. MM. Litvinova

Acquisition of weapons in Russia.
M. Sulimova ("Magda"). Work in the "Combat Technical Group" 1905-1906.

Participation of Sestroretsk workers in the procurement of weapons in 1905-1906.

Workshops of bombs and cartridges.
Cepgeev. Cartridge workshop and armed resistance 1905-1908.
S. Sulimov. Bomb Workshop

I. Mikhailov. Preparation for armed struggle

Secret apartments and warehouses.
E. Siewart. Secret apartment at the Academy of Arts in 1903-1905.

E. Lumdesbury Everyday secret work in 1905
I. K. Chetverikov. Armory depots

L. X. Gobi. My Bomb Storage Manager

Communication with Moscow and with the province.
V. Yogomolov. Communication of the military-technical group "with the Moscow organization

S.P. From the encrypted notebook of N.P. Sagredo

VII. The work of the BO in 1906-1907

S. Einkrling. Arrest of "Andrei Andreyevich" (Sagredo)

"Grishka" (Salnin). Activities of the Latvian militant in St. Petersburg

Boule. From the Baltic States to work in the PBO

S. P. The fight of the fighting squad with the black hundred

Posner. From the history of military equipment

VIII. Liquidation of the Combat Technical Group.

G. Tomashevsky. Liquidation of weapons depots in 1908

"John Grafton".
I. Lehtenen. Delivery of weapons to Russia through Finland on the ship "John Grafton"

S. Pozner. The story of the steamer "John Grafton"

Telegram to the police department from Helsingfors dated August 28, 1905 about the explosion of the steamer "John Grafton"

Report on the circumstances preceding the explosion on the steamer "John Grafton" and the discovery of weapons on the island of Callscher

Weapons found by border guards on the islands near Kem in September 1905.

Record of the opening and examination of the contents of the boxes with weapons delivered on the yacht "Postaya"

From the correspondence regarding the purchase of weapons brought on the John Grafton

The case of the school in Kuokkala.

Solution of the Finnish Hofgerncht

Practical training program in the air defense laboratory on the theory of explosives and explosive metal projectiles

Indictment in the case of the laboratory school in Kuokkala