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  Transcripts from Soviet Archives

VOLUME II -1926-1933

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P-11 A transcript of the meetings of the Politburo of the Central Committee "On the internal party situation. October 8, 1926

P-241 On measures to strengthen anti-religious work, January 24, 1929

P-250 On the socialist competition of factories and plants, May 1929

P-254 On conspiracy, May 16 , 1929

P-259 About village councils, June 25, 1929

P-263 On the use of labor of criminals, June 27, 1929

P-265 Resolution of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks on the state of defense of the USSR, July 15, 29

P-277 Decree of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) on the report of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party (Bolsheviks), July 25, 1929

P-285 On the course of checking and cleaning the Soviet apparatus, September 12, 1929

P-290 Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) on the report on social insurance. September 26, 1929

P-298 From the article by JV Stalin “The Year of the Great Turning Point. To the XII Anniversary of October ". November 3, 1929

P-301 On the reorganization of industry management. December 5, 1929

P-312 Report of Tukhachevsky to the People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs of the USSR, January 11, 1930

P-327 On the question of the policy of liquidating the kulaks as a class." January 21, 1930

P-332 Telegram I.V. Stalin to the party organizations on collectivization and "dispossession". January 30, 1930

P-337 Decree on schools in labor settlements

P-340 About cleaning the professional apparatus.

P-342 On measures to eliminate kulak farms in areas of complete collectivization. January 30, 1930

P-351 Telegram I.V. Stalin about preparation "for the reception and resettlement of kulaks." February 16, 1930

P-353 On the promotion of workers to the Soviet apparatus and mass workers' control

P-355 Statements of the servicemen of the Red Army in connection with the publication of the article by JV Stalin "Dizziness with success." March 1930

P-360 On the fight against "distortions of the party line in the collective farm movement." March 22, 1930

P-361 On the reorganization of the apparatus of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), May 5, 1930

P-368 Note from the chairman of the OGPU V.R. Menzhinsky to I.V. Stalin, October 2, 1930

P-370 Letter from student P.S. Vasilyeva I.V. Stalin. Leningrad, 3.12. 1930

P-373 Letter from the wife of the convict N.D. Pleskevich addressed to Stalin with a request to release her husband and a telegram for release. December 10, 1930 - December 28, 1930

P-375 On the contracting of spring crops, January 1931

P-384 On railway transport, January 29, 1931

P-397 Stalin On the tasks of business executives: Speech at the First All-Union Conference of Socialist Industry Workers, February 4, 1931

P-408 On river transport, February 9, 1931

P-427 On the kulaks - minutes of the meeting of the commission, 18 March 1931

P- 431 About workwear, May 1931

P- 436 About carrying out a seven-hour working day, May 15, 1931

P- 438 On the setting of production and technical propaganda, May 25, 1931

P-441 On the command and political composition of the Red Army, June 5, 1931

P-445 On improving the material and living conditions of the command staff of the Red Army, June 16, 31

P- 454 About the entry of Dagestan into the North Caucasian region, July 5, 1931

P -457 Draft decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR on the national economic plan for the third quarter of 1931, July 5, 1931

P-474 On the work of technical personnel at the enterprise and on improving the living conditions of engineering and technical workers. July 10, 1931

P- 478  Stalin, about facilitating the plan of state farms at the expense of the collective farm-peasant sector. November 28, 1931

P-479 On the development of socialist animal husbandry.

P-504 Distribution of appropriations for secret expenses of the USSR, 1931

P-506 Elimination of wage arrears, March 3, 1932

P-508 On the streamlining of general and fire protection of buildings, April 20, 1932

P-512 Stalin to the Deputy People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs and Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR M.N. May 7, 1932

P-515 About the development of rabbit breeding in the industrial regions, May 8, 1932

P-534 On the development of fisheries, May 8, 1932

P-542 About the fight against drought and irrigation of the Volga region, May 22, 1932

P-544 On the preservation and development of the horse population, May 27, 1932

P-546 On the squandering of salary funds and perversions of labor legislation at the Bolshevik confectionery factory, 4 May 1932

P-549 On the methods of calculating selling prices, prime cost and profits. October 27, 1931

P-553 On the national economic plan of the USSR for 1932

P-567 On the rise in retail prices. January 31, 1932

P-571 Stalin - to members of the Politburo on June 5, 1932

P-572 From letters of Stalin to L.M. Kaganovich in connection with the development and implementation of the law of August 7, 1932

P-577 On the rates for communist business executives and engineering and technical personnel. November 8, 1932

P-589 Speech by V.M. Molotov, November 28, 1932

P-605 From the speeches of S.V. Kosior, B.P.Sheboldaev, F.I. Goloshchekin, I.V. Stalin at the joint plenum of the Central Committee and the Central Control Commission of the CPSU (b). January 7-12, 1933

P-615 From the speech of JV Stalin at the first congress of collective farmers-shock workers. 19 February 1933

P-618 From the correspondence between M.A.Sholokhov and I.V. Stalin. April 4 - May 6, 1933