The Marriage Laws of Soviet Russia

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  The Marriage Laws of Soviet Russia

The Russian Soviet Government Bureau

Complete text of first code of laws of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic dealing with Civil Status and Domestic Relations, Marriage, the Family and Guardianship.

Offices for the Registration of Civil Status and Domestic Relations 
Forms of Registers 
Manner of Registration of Vital Statistics 

Forms of Marriage
Prerequisites Necessary for Contracting Marriage
Invalidity of Marriage
Dissolution of Marriage
Rights and Duties of Spouses

Personal Rights and Duties of Children and Parents
Property Rights and Obligations of Children and Parents
Rights and Duties of Relatives

The Organs of Guardianship
The Institution and Termination of Guardianship and Trusteeship
Appointment and Dismissal of Guardians
Personal Protection of Wards, Administration of Their Property, and Responsibility of the
Organs o f Guardianship