The development of the Soviet economy

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  The development of the Soviet economy
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State socio-economic publishing house Moscow 1940
This work gives a picture of the development of the Soviet economy in accordance with Stalin's periodization of the history of the CPSU(b). It is a manual for teachers of political economy, Marxism-Leninism, the history of the national economy of the USSR, for graduate students in economics, students of socio-economic universities and party and Soviet activists.

The book was compiled by a team of scientists from the Institute of Economics of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
The authors of individual chapters are the following comrades: I. A. Anchishkin,, A. A. Arutinyan , Z. V. Atlas, I. M. Brover , Ya. F. Bumber , A. A. Karavaev , M. I. Kubanin , I. I. Kuzminov , E. Yu. Lokshin , I. S. Merenkov , I. M. Mikheev, M. A. Saveliev, Ya. G. Feigin, D. I. Chernomordik, D. T. Shepilov.

Volumes. S. I. Ginzburg, E. G. Sushanskaya and E. I. Tulubeva.

Translated by Svitlana M, Edited by Erdogan A

Table of contents

Introductory section

 Economy of pre-revolutionary Russia

 The Russian Economy Before the Imperialist War -P4

The economy of Russia during the imperialist war (1914 - March 1917)- P30

The period of preparation and conduct of the Great October Socialist Revolution (April 1917 - 1918)

The Economic Platform of the Bolshevik Party- P49

Nationalization of banks and industryP73

The development of the socialist revolution in the countryside-Abolition of private ownership of land-  P85

The struggle for bread is the struggle for socialism- P101

The period of foreign military intervention and civil war (1918-1920)

Economic tasks of the Soviet government during the civil war- P110

The economic policy of the Soviet government in the field of industry during the civil war- P121

Agricultural & food policy of the Soviet government during the civil war - Supply and distribution during the civil war- P148

The centralization of banking - Financial and Monetary Policy of the Soviet Power during the Civil WarP159

The period of transition to peaceful work to restore the national economy (1921-1925)

Transition to the New Economic Policy- P164

International significance of the New Economic Policy - End of retreat and regrouping of forces – P175

Task of the NEP -  creating the material basis of socialism - Industry recoveryP184

Agriculture - Agricultural recovery- P198

The production of consumer goods - Growth of trade turnover, monetary reform, and improvement of the material situation of the working masses -P207

The balance of class forces at the end of the restoration period and the struggle for the victory of socialism in one country- P217

The period of struggle for the socialist industrialization of the USSR (1926-1929)

Socialist industrialization is the general line of the party- P229

The period of struggle for industrialization- P252

Labor and Human Resources -P266

Agriculture during the period of the party's struggle for the socialist industrialization of the country- P274

Growth of trade and crowding out private capital- P295

The period of struggle for the collectivization of agriculture (1930-1934)

Socialist offensive along the entire front & the victory of socialism in the USSR- P309

Creation of the industrial base of socialism- P331

Six Conditions for Victory- P344

Strengthening socialist agriculture- P358

On the way to expanded Soviet trade- P379

The period of struggle for the completion of the construction of a socialist society and the implementation of the Stalinist Constitution

Building socialism in the USSR and the economic basis of Soviet society- P391

The role of industry in the struggle to complete the technical reconstruction of the national economy- P434

Stakhanovite movement in industryP460

The heyday of the collective farm system- P474

The expansion of Soviet trade- P498

Strengthening of the ruble and development of the financial system- P511

The rise of the material and cultural standard of living of the Soviet people- P523

The victory of socialism in the national republics and regions- P546


The main economic task of the USSR- P591