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A critical look at the NEP (New Economic Policy); exposing the fallacy of right deviation.

Attitude to wars - Marx & Engels 1850, Lenin 1914, Stalin 1933

An untold proxy war in Myanmar; Military Government versus “exile Government” in Washington

Are Institutional Fascism and One-man Fascism two different things?

Basic Economic Law of Monopoly Capitalism - introduction to Imperialism

Briefly- From secession to accession and its implications -Ukraine

Collective West- From fantasy and illusions to the realities; Ukraine, Gaza

Control of the flow of information that is contrary to the Western Narrative – now using force is included

Election results and what they proved -Turkiye

Formalizing the alliance; Russia-North Korea defense agreement

Imperialism - in Ukraine Particular

Imperialist wars and Bolsheviks

Kherson defeat; high emotions and jubilations- Ukraine

Kim Yo Jong's statement and Western Media's disgraceful coverage NK

Nuclear power comparison; 1962 Cuban Missile Crises and 2024 Ukraine Crises

On the statement of “In Defense of Communism” Ukraine

On the assessment and conclusions regarding Ukraine question- Response to MLC

Proxy War in Ukraine two years later;

Putin’s speech ; its aim and implications as a peace offer followed by a serious warning.

Question of Ukraine - Summary of the conclusions of assessment

Sophistry of Ukraine’s right to self-determination

The difference between Marxist and Bourgeois analysis

Ukraine Peace Summit; a political stunt to legitimize Zelensky as the leader

Unipolar World versus Multipolar world

War in Ukraine; Now what? The prospects of the second phase and on?

Ukraine war and two irreconcilable working-class policies; bourgeois and Marxist Leninist

War on Taiwan?

What is annexation? Referendum in Donbass and other regions

What is Stalinism- Use of the term Stalinist in the History of USSR

When the “alternative”, "Left" media becomes a reflection of Mainstream Media

Where rote is repeated, finds itself in the lap of Trotskyism - the approach to the war in Ukraine.