On Imperialism and World Economy

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 On Imperialism and World Economy

 N.I. Bukharin

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The essay to which we here call the attention of the reader represents an elaboration of an article published abroad in the almanac Communist. In due time, about two years ago, the manuscript was shipped from abroad to Russia. First it was subjected to a raid by the military censor, then it was mistakenly transmitted to the wrong publisher. After the Revolution of February-March, 1917, the manuscript was "found." It was supposed to see the light of day in July, but the intelligence men and the cadets who raided our party printing plant, also took care of my manuscript. Much later it was rescued in a mutilated form; a large and highly valuable introduction by Comrade Lenin, to whom I here pay the debt of deep gratitude, was missing. 
Due to the fact that the composition of this work dates back two years, the statistical figures are, naturally, antiquated, especially those relating to the effects of the war.
Unfortunately, I have had no occasion as yet to revise the manuscript and to furnish it with fresh statistical material. I have only re-written the missing pages and added the last chapter, which could not have appeared under the censor's rule.
The manuscript was written at a time when Socialism, crucified by capital and the "Socialist" traitors, was suffering the greatest possible humiliations. Soon after he had sent it to Russia the author had ample time to ponder over revolutionary perspectives in the Swedish king's prison.
This preface is written at a moment when revolutionary Socialism has achieved its greatest victory in Russia.
It is the most ardent wish of the author that this book should soon be transformed from a weapon against imperialism into an historic document relegated to the archives.
November 25, 1917.

Introduction by V.I. Lenin

Part 1 - World Economy and the Process of Internationalization of Capital
1. World Economy Defined

2. Growth of World Economy

3. Organisation Forms of World Economy

Part 2 - World Economy and the Process of Nationalization of Capital

4. The Inner Structure of "National Economies" and the Tariff Policy

5. World Sales Markets and Changed Sales Conditions

6. World Market for Raw Materials, and Change in the Conditions of Purchasing Materials

7. World Movement of Capital, and Change in the Economic Forms of International Connections

8. World Economy and the "National" State

Part 3 - Imperialism as the Reproduction of Capitalist Competition on a Larger Scale

9. Imperialism as an Historic Category

10. Reproduction of the Process of Concentration and Centralisation on a World Scale

11. Means of Competitive Struggle, and State Power

Part 4 - The Future of Imperialism and World Economy

12. "Necessity" of Imperialism, and "Ultra-imperialism"

13. War and Economic Evolution

14. World Economy and Proletarian Socialism

15. Conclusion