On Socialist Mode of Production

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On Socialist Mode of Production
Translated From The Political Economy Text Book, State publishing house of political literature. Moscow. 1954

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Forward, Introduction – P6

Socialist Industrialization -P17

Large-scale industry is the material basis of socialism.

Essence of socialist industrialization. The pace of socialist industrialization, Socialist method of industrialization.

Sources of funds for socialist industrialization.

The transformation of a backward, agrarian country into an advanced, industrial power.

Collectivization of Agriculture -P34

The historical necessity of the collectivization of agriculture. Lenin's cooperative plan.

Prerequisites for complete collectivization.

Solid collectivization and liquidation of the kulaks as a class. Agricultural artel as the main form of collective farming.

The transformation of country of small peasant economy into a country of the largest and most mechanized agriculture.

The Socialist System of the National Economy- The Material and Production Basis of Socialism -P54

The main features of the material and production base of socialism, socialist industry, socialist agriculture.

Ways of technical progress, Location of socialist production

Public Ownership of the Means of Production - the Basis of the Production Relations of Socialism -P72

The socialist system of the national economy and socialist property.

Two forms of socialist property.

Personal property under socialism.

The nature of socialist production relations.

The Fundamental Economic Law of Socialism -P88

The nature of economic laws under socialism.

Essential features of the basic economic law of socialism.

The basic economic law of socialism and the growth of the welfare of the working people.

The economic role of the socialist state.

Law of Planned (Proportional) Development of the National Economy -P105

The need for planned development of the national economy under socialism.

The main features and requirements of the law of the planned development of the national economy.

The law of the planned development of the national economy and socialist planning.

Advantages of a planned economy.

Public Labor Under Socialism -P124

The nature of labor under socialism.

The principle of material interest. Labor as a duty of members of a socialist society. Realization of the right to work. Distribution according to work is the economic law of socialism.

Socialist labor cooperation. Socialist competition.

The steady growth of labor productivity is the economic law of socialism.

Commodity production, the law of value & money under socialism -P142

The necessity of commodity production under socialism and its features.

Use value and value of goods in the socialist economy.

The nature of the operation of the law of value under socialism.

Money and its functions in the socialist economy.

Wages Under Socialism -P158

Wages and the economic law of distribution according to work. Payroll forms. Tariff system. Steady growth of real wages under socialism.

Economic calculation and profitability. Cost and price -P174

Economy mode.

Economic calculation and profitability of enterprises. Enterprise funds. Fixed and working capital. Product cost. Net income of a state-owned enterprise.

The price of industrial products.

The Socialist System of Agriculture-P193

The place and role of socialist agriculture in the national economy.

 Public economy of collective farms.

Collective farm income.

Development of state farms and ways to increase their profitability.

Trade turnover under socialism -P230

The nature and role of trade under socialism.

The main forms of trade under socialism.

Prices and distribution costs

National Income of a Socialist Society -P247

Aggregate social product and national income under socialism.

Distribution of national income.

State budget, credit, and money circulation under socialism -P258

The financial system of socialism.

The budget of the socialist state.

Credit under socialism. Banks in a socialist society.

Socialist Reproduction -P277

Essence of socialist reproduction.

National wealth of a socialist society. Composition of the total social product.

Correlation between two divisions of social production.

Formation and appointment of public funds under socialism.

Socialist accumulation. Accumulation and consumption in a socialist society.