Law of Value- Pricing in the national economy of the USSR

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  Law of Value- Pricing in the national economy of the USSR 

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State publishing house of political literature. Moscow, 1953

Maisenberg L.



Price in a socialist society

Commercial Production and Commodity Circulation in the USSR

Value, Forms of Value, and the Law of Value under socialism

Prices in the Socialist Economy

Soviet Price Policy

The Structure and Basic Elements of Price in Socialist Industry

Cost of Industrial Products as a Price Base

Industrial Profit

Sales Tax

Costs of Circulation of Goods and Economic Turnover of Production Instruments

State wholesale prices for capital goods

Cost of Planning as a Starting point  for Determining the Price

Total cost of commercial products.

Linking Prices of Different Industries, Balancing of Price Changes

Types of Wholesale Prices for Industrial Products

Retail and Wholesale prices for agricultural Products

State tariffs

Rates for Freight transportation by Railway Transport

State procurement prices

The use of value meters in the practice of national economic planning

Plan Values

Measuring the Dynamics of the National Economy and Price Indices

Price Index System

The system of Soviet prices at various stages of the development of a socialist society

Price System in the USSR in the Pre-War Period

Soviet Price System during the Great Patriotic War

Post-War Restructuring of the Economy and Transition to Unified State Retail Prices

Consistent Reduction of State Retail Prices in the Post-War Time

Liquidation of the System of State subsidies and Reform on  wholesale Prices and Tariffs in the National Economy of The USSR

Reduction of Wholesale Prices and tariffs for cargo Transportation in 1950-1952.