Basic Economic Law of Monopoly Capitalism - Transition to Imperialism

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  Basic Economic Law of Monopoly Capitalism - Transition to Imperialism

Ostrovityanov K.V. Shepilov D.T. Leontiev L.A. , Laptev I.D. Kuzminov I.I. Gatovsky L.M

State publishing house of political literature. Moscow. 1954

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Concentration of production and monopoly- P21 
Concentration and monopolies in banking– P27
Financial capital and financial oligarchy- P29
The export of capital- P32
The economic division of the world -P35
Completion of the territorial division of the world between the great powers and the struggle for its redistribution- P37
Basic economic law of monopoly capitalism- P40
Imperialism is parasitic or decaying capitalism- P51
Imperialism is the eve of the socialist revolution- P57
State monopoly capitalism- P58
The law of uneven economic and political development- P61
World War I and the beginning of the general crisis of capitalism- P71
The victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the split of the world into two systems- P74
The crisis of the colonial system of imperialism- P78
Aggravation of the problem of markets- P82
Deepening crises of overproduction and changes in the capitalist cycle – P86
Bourgeois classical political economy- P95
The emergence of vulgar political economy- P100
Petty-bourgeois political economy -P102
Utopian socialists- P103
Revolutionary democrats in Russia- P105
Revolutionary upheaval in political economy- P107
Modern bourgeois political economy -P114