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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung

Talks At The Nanning Conference

To The Kwangsi Regional Party Committee On Newspapers

Speech At The Supreme State Coference

Sixty Points On Working Methods -- A Draft Resolution From The Office Of The Centre Of The CPC

Talks At The Chengtu Conference

National Minorities

Speech At The Hankow Conference

Introducing A Co-operative

Speeches At The Second Session Of The Eighth Party Congress

Speech At The Conference Of Delegates

Speech At The Group Leaders' Forum

Communes Are Better

Speech At The Supreme State Conference

Interview With A Hsinhua News Agency Correspondent

The Masses Can Do Anything


On Huan Hsiang's Comment On The Disintegration Of The Western World

A Letter To Chou Shih-chao

Speech At The First Chengchow Conference

On The Question Of Whether Imperialism And All Reactionaries Are Real Tigers

Talks With Directors Of Various Cooperative Areas

Speech At The Sixth Plenum Of The Eighth Central Committee

Left Rather Than Right In Handling Teachers"

Speech At Conference Of Provincial And Municipal Committee Secretaries

Talk At Symposium Of Hsin, Lo, Hsu And Hsin Local Committees

Speech At Cheng-chow

Intra Party Correspondence

Comment On T'ao Lu-Ch'ieh's Report On The Five-Level Cadre Conference

Intra Party Correspondence

Talk At Seventh Plenum Of The Eighth Central Committee

Sixteen Articles Concerning Work Methods

Several Important Instructions

Speech At The Lushan Conference

Talk At The 8th Plenary Session Of The CPC 8th Central Committee

Letter To Chang Wen-tien

Comment On A Report:

Comment On Two Reports

Comment On A Report

Comment On The Report

Concerning Mei Sheng's "Chi Fa"

Why Do Right Opportunists Now Launch An Offensive?

Comment On Chang Wen-tien's Letter

Comment On P'eng Te-huai's Letter Of 9 September

Speech At The Military Affairs And The External Affairs Conference

Intra Party Correspondence

Comments On Reply To Comrades A. V. Sanina And V. G. Vinshire

Examples Of Dialectics

Note On The "Charter Of The Anshan Iron And Steel Company"

On The Anti-China Question

Comments On Vice Premier Nieh Jung-chen's Report On The Technical Revolution

Asia, Africa And Latin America Should Unite

Summing Up Ten Years

Dissemination Of The CC, CPCs' Criticism Of The Shansi Provincial Party Committee's Report On The Rural Labor Force Problem

Opinion On The Free Supply System

Classical Works Recommended To High-Ranking Cadres

Principles Of Educating Youth

Directive On The Question Of Class Distinction

Speech At The Ninth Plenum Of The Eighth CPC Central Committee

Preface To "Oppose Book Worship"

To The Communist Labour University In Kiangsi

Talk At Working Conference

Speech At The Tenth Plenum Of The Eighth Central Committee

Reading Notes On The Soviet Text Political Economy

Concerning Economic Problems Of Socialism In The USSR

Critique of Stalinís Economic Problems Of Socialism In The USSR