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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung

Speech at Banquet Celebrating Insurrection of KMT Troops

Telegram to Xinjiang Political and Military Authorities

Proclamation of the Central People's Government

Reply to the Provisional People's Government of Xinjiang

Preface to the Victory of New Democracy in China

Telegram to the Insurrectionists on the "Hailiao"

Inscription for the Inaugural Issue of Renmin Wenxue (People's Literature)

Telegram to Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions

Telegram to Stalin

Address at Birthday Celebration Meeting Held for Stalin

Telegram to President Prasad of the Republic of India

Speech on Departure from Moscow

Reply to Ambassador of the Republic of India

Comment on Hearing of Mao Anying's Death

Letter to Huang Niantian

Letter to Li Shuqing

Inscription of the Arts

Reply to Ambassador of the Republic of India

Inscription for Inauguration of the Tianshui-Lanzhou Railway

Toast on Third Anniversary of Founding of the PRC

Telegram to the Peace Conference of the Asian and Pacific Region

Letter to Qi Baishi

Telegram to the German Democratic Republic

Talk With Tibetan Delegates

Letter to Song Qingling

Letter to Tan Zhenlin

Inscription Awarded to Soviet Troops in Lushun

Telegram To Inquire After Stalin's Illness

Telegram to the USSR on Stalin's Death

The Greatest Friendship

Talk at the Conference on Intellectuals Called by the Centre

Contradictions Under Socialism

Stalin's Place in History

Speech at Expanded Meeting of CPC Political Bureau

Chairman Mao's Talk To Music Workers  

Letter to Zhou Enlai

Comment on Class Education with Leaders from Shanghai Motor Power Institute

Comment to the Loatian Patriotic (Liberation) Front Representative on Education

Talk in the Enlarged Third Plenary Session of the 8th Central Committee of the CCP

No Power on Earth Can Separate Us

Speech at Moscow Celebration Meeting

The East Wind Prevails Over the West Wind