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Mao Zedung

Volume 2


-- 1937--

Policies, Measures and Perspectives for Resisting the Japanese Invasion (27k)

For the Mobilization of All the Nation's Forces for Victory in the War of Resistance (21k)

Combat Liberalism (9k)

Urgent Tasks Following the Establishment of Kuomintang-Communist Co-operation (33k)

Interview with the British Journalist James Bertram (37k)

The Situation of the Anti-Japanese War After the Fall of Shanghai and Taiyuan and Our Tasks (45k)

-- 1938 --

Proclamation by the Government of the Shensi-Kansu-Ningsia Border Region and the Rear Headquarters of the Eighth Route Army (10k)

Problems of Strategy in Guerrilla War Against Japan (99k)

On Protracted War (236k)

The Role of the Chinese Communist Party in the National War (49k)

The Question of Independence and Initiative within the United Front (14k)

Problems of War and Strategy (49k)

-- 1939 --

The May 4th Movement (9k)

The Orientation of the Youth Movement (25k)

Oppose Capitulationist Activity (16k)

The Reactionaries Must Be Punished (14k)

Interview with a New China Daily Correspondent on the New International Situation  (20k)

Interview with Three Correspondents from the Central News Agency, the Sao Tang Pao and the Hsin Min Pao  (17k)

The Identity of Interests between the Soviet Union and All Mankind (27k)

Introducing The Communist  (34k)

The Current Situation and the Party's Tasks (8k)

Recruit Large Numbers of Intellectuals (9k)

The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party (89k)

Stalin, Friend of the Chinese People (6k)

In Memory of Norman Bethune (7k)

-- 1940 --

On New Democracy (132k)

Overcome the Danger of Capitulation and Strive for a Turn for the Better (11k)

Unite All Anti-Japanese Forces and Combat the Anti-Communist Die-Hards (20k)

Ten Demands on the Kuomintang (19k)

Introducing The Chinese Worker  (6k)

We Must Stress Unity and Progress (7k)

New Democratic Constitutional Government (k)

On the Question of Political Power in the Anti-Japanese Base Areas (10k)

Current Problems of Tactics in the Anti-Japanese United Front (27k)

Freely Expand the Anti-Japanese Forces and Resist the Onslaughts of the Anti-Communist Die-Hards (21k)

Unity to the Very End (9k)

On Policy (26k)

-- 1941 --

Order and Statement on the Southern Anhwei Incident (23k)

The Situation after the Repulse of the Second Anti-Communist Onslaught (13k)

Conclusion on the Repulse of the Second Anti-Communist Onslaught (20k)