Letters: Marx-Engels Letters 1874

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Letters of Marx and Engels: 1874

Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 19 January
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 27 January
Engels to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 14 February
Engels to Wilhelm Blos. 21 February
Engels to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 27 February
Marx to George Moore. 26 March
Marx to George Moore. 28 March
Marx to Jenny Marx. 19 April
Marx to Jenny Longuet. 20/24 April
Marx to Maurice Lachatre. 12 May
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 18 May
Engels to Gottfried Ermen. 1 June
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 24 June
Marx to Engels. 15 July
Engels to Marx. 21 July
Marx to Maurice Lachatre. 23 July
Engels to Jenny Longuet. 2 August
Marx to Engels. 4 August
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 4 August
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 4 August
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 10 August
Engels to Marx. 12 August
Marx to Engels. 14 August
Marx to Jenny Longuet. 14 August
Marx to Engels. 1 September
Engels to Marx. 5 September
Engels to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 12 September
Marx to Engels. 18 September
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 20 September
Engels to Marx. 21 September
Engels to Laura Lafargue. 15 October
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 17 October
Engels to Hermann Lopatin. c. 20 October