Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence 1870

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Marx-Engels Correspondence 1870

Marx to Frierich Adolph Sorge
In Hoboken


London, 1 September 1870

The miserable behaviour of Paris during the war--still allowing itself to be ruled by the mamelukes of Louis Bonaparte and of the Spanish adventuress Eugenie after these appalling defeats--shows how greatly the French need a tragic lesson in order to regain their manhood.

What the Prussian fools do not see is that the present war is leading just as inevitably to a war between Germany and Russia as the war of 1866 led to the war between Prussia and France. That is the best result I expect from it for Germany. Typical "Prussianism" never has had and never can have any existence except in alliance with and subjection to Russia. And a war No. 2 of this kind will act as the midwife to the inevitable social revolution in Russia.