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Works of Frederick Engels 1870

History of Ireland

Source: Marx and Engels on the Irish Question, Progress Publishers, Moscow 1974;
Written: by Engels between May and mid-July 1870;
Transcribed by: Andy Blunden for the Marxists Internet Archive.

History of Ireland is a fragment of a voluminous work Engels intended to write and on which he worked at the end of 1869 and during the first half of 1870. Engels studied a vast selection of literary and historical sources: the works of antique and medieval writers, annals, collections of ancient law codes, legislative acts and legal treatises, folklore, travellers’ notes, numerous works on archaeology, history, economics, geography, geology, etc. Engels’s bibliography, embracing over 150 titles, is selective and includes but a fraction of the sources he studied.

1. Natural Conditions
2. Ancient Ireland

Preparatory Material

Draft Plan.
Chronology of Ireland.
Varia on the History of the Irish Confiscations.

Abstracts on Irish Art and Literature

Ancient Irish Literature
Senchus Mor on Ancient Ireland
Ancient Irish Poems
Ancient Scandanavian Epos
On Swift

Notes for a Preface for a Collection of Irish Songs, July 5 1870