Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence 1869

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Marx-Engels Correspondence 1869

Letter from Marx to Engels
In Manchester


Written: September 25, 1869;
Source: Marx and Engels Correspondence;
Publisher: International Publishers (1968);
First Published: Gestamtausgabe;
Translated: Donna Torr;
Transcribed: Sally Ryan in 1999;
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan.

This tour in Belgium, stay in Aix-la-Chapelle and voyage up the Rhine have convinced me that the priests, especially in the Catholic districts, must be energetically attacked. I shall work on these lines through the International. The curs (e.g., Bishop Ketteler in Mainz, the parsons at the Dusseldorf Congress, etc.) are flirting, where they find it suitable, with the labour question. Indeed it was for them that we worked in 1848, they alone enjoyed the fruits of the revolution during the period of reaction.