Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence 1869

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Marx-Engels Correspondence 1869

Engels to Marx
In London


Nothing can in any case be done with Wilhelm [Liebknecht] until he has quite definitely separated his organisation from the People's Party and placed himself at most in a loose cartel relation with them. Very nice too his intending to put the International in the title of his little paper, which would then be the organ of the International Workingmen's Association and of the People's Party at the same time! The organ both of the German petty bourgeoisie and of the European workers!

Another fine idea of Wilhelm's, that one must neither accept nor even force concessions to the workers from the "present state." This will get him the hell of a long way with the workers....

[In Tridon's pamphlet--Gironde et Girondins (1869)--there is] the comic idea that the dictatorship of Paris over France, which was the reason why the first revolution went to pieces, could be carried out in just the same sort of way to-day but with a successful result.