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Economic Works of Karl Marx 1861-1864

The Process of Production of Capital, Draft Chapter 6 of Capital
<"441">Results of the Direct Production Process

Written: Summer of 1864;
Source: Volume 34 of MECW;
Translated: by Ben Fowkes;
Scan & Mark-up: Andy Blunden.

Table of Contents

Introduction to document

Marx's Opening Remarks

1) Commodities as the Product of Capital

Transition from Section §2 and 3 of this chapter to 3

2) Capitalist Production as the Production of Surplus Value

6) The Direct Production Process
Formal Subsumption of Labour under Capital
The Real Subsumption of Labour under Capital or the Specifically Capitalist Mode of Production
[Supplementary Remarks on the Formal Subsumption of Labour under Capital]
The Real Subsumption of Labour under Capital

Productive and Unproductive Labour
Gross and Net Product
Mystification of Capital, etc.

3) The Product of Capitalist Production Is Not Only Surplus Value, It is Capital

Marx's Unplaced Footnotes in Manuscripts of 1863-1866

Editors' Footnotes

The Manuscript begins

[441] Chapter Six. Results of the Direct Production Process

Three points need to be considered in this chapter:

1) Commodities as the product of capital, of capitalist production;

2) Capitalist production is the production of surplus value;

3) Finally, it is the production and reproduction of the whole relation through which this direct production process is characterised as specifically capitalist.

Of these 3 headings, No. 1 should be placed last, not first, in the final revision before printing, since it forms the transition to the second book — the circulation process of capital. But for the sake of convenience we shall begin with it here.