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Karl Marx's

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

Written: 1859
Publisher: Progress Publishers, Moscow
First Published:1859
Translated: S.W. Ryazanskaya
On-Line Version: 1993 (Preface, 1993), 1999
Transcribed: Tim Delaney, Zodiac
HTML Markup: Tim Delaney 1999



Chapter 1: The Commodity

Note A. Historical Notes on the Analysis of Commodities

Chapter 2: Money or Simple Circulation

1. Measure of Value

Note B. Theories of the Standard of Money

2. Medium of Exchange

a) The Metamorphosis of Commodities
b) The Circulation of Money
c) Coins and Tokens of Value

3. Money

a) Hoarding
b) Means of Payment
c) World Money

4. The Precious Metals

Note C. Theories of the the Medium of Circulation and of Money



I. Production, Consumption, Distribution, Exchange (Circulation)

1. Production

2. The General Relations of Production to Distribution, Exhange, and Consumption

a. [Production and Consumption]
b. [Production and Distribution]
c. Lastly, Exchange and Circulation

3. The Method of Political Economy

4. Production

REVIEW by Frederick Engels

II. Karl Marx. "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy"