Karl Marx in New-York Tribune 1859

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Karl Marx in New-York Tribune 1859

From The Question of the Ionian Islands


Source: Marx and Engels on Ireland, Progress Publishers, Moscow 1971;
First Published: in New-York Daily Tribune, January 6, 1859;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.

This article was written by Marx in connection with the English Government’s policy aimed at obstructing the liberation of the islands from the English protectorate, established in 1815, and their cession to Greece. The decision on the cession of the islands to Greece was adopted by the Legislative Assembly of Corfu, the main island. Gladstone went on a special mission to the Ionian Islands in November 1858. The English Government succeeded in delaying a solution of the problem up to 1864.

According to his oracle in Printing-House Square,[71] he grasps after colonies only in order to educate them in the principles of public liberty; but, if we adhere to facts, the Ionian-Islands, like India and Ireland, prove only that to be free at home, John Bull must enslave abroad. Thus, at this very moment, while giving vent to his virtuous indignation against Bonaparte’s spy system at Paris, he is himself introducing it at Dublin.


<"n71">71. The editorial offices of The Times are on Printing-House Square in London.