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The International Lenin Defense Committee

...Again anticonnumism has been spilled our on front-pages of western newspapers, in connection with the idea of the President of Russia Yeltsin to carry out a referendum on re-burial of Lenin’s body in Petersburg (Leningrad) on the Volkov-Cenmentery.

And only in few words the newspapers are quoting the statement of the Duma (Russian Parliament), which confirms the historic significance of Red Square, where any reconstruction-works have been prohibited. Yeltsin has spoken out quite another meaning, contradicting to the letter, sent in his name. Some years ago by the Minister of Culture Sidorov, to the International Lenin Defense Committee. The Minister has assured, that “...nothing will be destroyed and” Lenin’s theme will remain in context with the great History and Culture, which has been existing on this territory”. In all official meeting debates and assemblies during all these years in Russia, in which the President of the International Lenin Defense Committee took part, a quite negative attitude to the removal of Lenin’s body was always expressed, an attitude, which was also approved by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church during the meeting in Serguiev Posad (the residence of the Patriarch).

A rude historic falsification is the alleged will of Lenin to be buried in Leningrad near the grave of his mother. The sole related niece of Lenin, Olga Ulianova, confirmed, that Lenin had never expressed such an idea.

Besides the sarcophagus with Lenin’s body is placed 3 meters under the earth’s surface.

“In the extreme case - she says - I propose to close the sarcophagus with Lenin’s body by granite plates, but at any rate it must be left in the Mausoleum”.

Meanwhile, as this speculations continues, the International Lenin Defense Committee has received proposals of National Committees of more that 30 countries of all continents to initiate publishing of an international magazine, issued in several languages, which could give rise to a discussion entitled “Communism -yesterday, today, and tomorrow”. And this will be done.

“A ghost is roaming Europe, a ghost of Communism” - wrote K.Marx and F.Engels in “The Manifesto”. Perhaps, the election results and the strengthening of influence of communist ideals in Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Russia are causing again fear of reactionaries and “the ghost of communism” is pushing them to move out different initiatives?

By Roberto Npoleone,
President of the International Lenin Defense Committee