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Marshal Stalin's Thanks

J.. V. Stalin has sent the following replies to messages of greeting addressed to him on the second anniversary of the outbreak of the Soviet-German War –:

To President Roosevelt

I thank you for your high estimation of the determination and courage of the Soviet people and their armed forces in their struggle against the Hitlerite invaders. As a result of the Soviet Union's two years' struggle against Hitlerite' Germany and its vassals, and of the serious blows inflicted by the Allies on the Italian and German armies in North Africa, the conditions have been created for the final defeat of our common enemy. The sooner we strike our joint, united blows against the enemy from the East and from the West, the sooner victory will come. Of this I have no doubt.

To General De Gaulle and General Giraud

I thank you and the French Committee of National Liberation for your greetings on the occasion of the second anniversary of the war of liberation of the Soviet Union against the Hitlerite invaders. The Soviet people are filled with profound sympathy for the courageous struggle against Hitlerite oppression and the efforts which the finest people of France and its restored armed forces are making towards the restoration and rebirth of France. The Soviet people are confident that the joint efforts of the Allies will culminate in complete and final victory over our common enemy.

To General Chiang Kai Shek

I thank you for your greetings on the occasion of the second anniversary of the patriotic war of the Soviet people against Hitlerite aggression. Kindly accept my recognition of your high estimation of the successes of the Red A-rmy in the struggle against the perfidious enemy, who has won the universal hatred of all freedom-loving peoples.