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Speech to State Committee for Defence

Moscow, Kremlin, October 19, 1941

Information is hereby given that the defence of the capital on the lines of defence situated at 100-120 kilometres to the west of Moscow is entrusted to Army General, Comrade J-ukov commanding the West Front; Lieutenant General, Comrade Artemiev, Chief of Garrison of the city of Moscow, is instructed to defend the boundaries of Moscow.

In order to ensure the defence of the Moscow frontier, to reinforce the back lines of troops defending Moscow, and also in order to repress the underhand manoeuvres of spies, saboteurs and other agents of German fascism, the State Committee for defence resolves :

1. To proclaim, as from 20 October, 1941, a state of siege on the city of Moscow and its adjacent regions.

2. To prohibit thoroughfare in the streets, equally for persons as for vehicles, from midnight until 05.00 hours, with the exception of persons or transport holding a special pass issued by the commanding officer of the city in the case of alert, the evacuation of the population and of vehicles must take place according to the ruling established by the DCA of Moscow and published in the press.

3. To commit to the commanding officer of the city of Moscow, Major General, Comrade Sinilov, the ensurance of the most strict order in the city and in neighbouring regions, and to this effect to put at his disposal troops of the Interior Guard of the Commissariat of the People of the Interior, the Militia and some detachments of voluntary workers.

4. To immediately summon before the Military Tribunal those infringing law and order, and to shoot on. sight provocateurs, spies and other enemies intent upon disturbing order.

5. The State Committee for Defence exhorts all workers of the capital to observe order and peace and to give all their assistance to the Red Array which defends Moscow.

J. Stalin
President of the State Committee for Defence