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Order of the Day, No. 152

August 20, 1944

Comrades pilots, navigators, air gunners,, wireless operators, engineers, technicians/ motor-men, officers and generals of fighter, assault, bomber and reconaissance avaiation!

On All-Union Aviation Day, I greet you and congratulate you on your successes in th struggle against the German invaders!

Together with the whole Red Army, Sovie aviation is fighting a fierce struggle against the German-fascist invaders and is inflicting destructive blows on the enemy’s manpower and equipment, and against his rear and communications.

The selfless labour of the men and wornen workers, the high skill of Soviet aircraft designers and engineers, have made it possible to overcome the former numerical superiority of the German Air Force and to arm the air forces of the Red Army and the Red Fleet with many thousands of high-quality war-planes.

Our airmen have shown unexampled valour, heroism and courage, and our commanders and superiors skill and military mastery in the direction of our Air Force in air combats with the enemy.

As a result, our military aviation today has complete domination in the air, over enemy aviation.

Thousands of wonderful pilots, navigators and air gunners are more and more increasing the successes of our armed forces, and are routing the enemy on land and in the air.

To commemorate the successes achieved by our military aviation, I order that today, Aviation Day, August 20, at 17.00 hours (Moscow time), the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, in the name of the Motherland, shall salute our gallant aviators with 20 artillery salvoes from 224 guns.

J. Stalin
Marshal of the Soviet Union
Supreme Commander-in-Chief