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Address Given at the Reception of the 1st May Parade

1 May 1935

At the end of the reception, addressing the assembly, Comrade Stalin saluted the entire gathering of fighters and commanders of all the Red Army of workers and peasants. He speaks of them as being "Bolsheviks of the Party, and non-Party Bolsheviks" because one can be a Bolshevik without being a member of the Party. Millions and millions of non-Party members, strong, capable and talented, serve the working class with faith and truth. Many amongst them have not joined the Party because they are too young; others because they do not yet feel ready, because they have such a high estimation of the name "Party Member."

Comrade Stalin toasts the health of the fearless submarine men, of the competent artillery men, of the strong tank drivers, the valiant pilots and bombardiers, of modest and hardy cavaliers, of the courageous infantrymen, consolidating the victory which serves the cause of the working people.

"Our government and Party", said Stalin, "have no other interests, no other worries than those of the people."

"To the health of the strong, capable, talented and courageous Bolsheviks, Party and non-Party," proclaimed Comrade Stalin, and his words were taken up by an endless ovation from the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army and participants in the 1st of May parade.

4 May 1935