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March 22nd, 1946

Question: What significance do you believe the United Nations Organization has as a means of maintaining international peace?

Answer: I think the United Nations Organization is of great importance because it is an important instrument for the maintaining of peace and international security. The strength of this international Organization lies in the principle of the equality of states and not on the domination of some over the rest. If the United Nations Organization manages to maintain the principle of equality it will definitely play a great and positive role in ensuring general peace and security.

Question: In your opinion, what is causing the present general fear of war in many people and countries?

Answer: I am convinced that neither nations nor their armies want a new war, – they want peace and are trying to maintain it. Thus, "the present fear of war" is not caused from this side. I am of the opinion that "the present fear of war" is caused by the actions of some political groups that engage in propaganda for a new war and in this way sow the seeds of distrust and insecurity.

Question: What must the governments of the freedom-loving countries do to secure peace and calm in the whole world?

Answer: It is necessary for the public and the government circles of the states to organize counter-propaganda on a broad basis against the propagandists of a new war, for the securing of peace; so that the campaign of the propagandists of a new war meets adequate resistance from the public and the press, – so that the arsonists of war are unmasked in time and denied the possibility of using freedom of speech against the interests of peace.

("Daily Review," No. 70, 24 March, 1946)

<"ReplyBaillie">Reply to a Telegram from Mr. Hugh Baillie

March 25, 1946

Telegram from Mr. Hugh Baillie, President of the United Press Agency, to Generalissimo Stalin, Kremlin, Moscow:

I would like to draw your attention to the declaration made by Winston Churchill to the United Press, which was transmitted by press and radio all over the world.

On this occasion I would like to renew my proposition on behalf of United Press, that you make a declaration on the international situation. If you want to reply to Churchill’s argument on the necessity of rapid action of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization on the Iranian question, United Press would be pleased to transmit your views to the whole world. In the case of you wishing to put other questions concerning Iran or international peace and security, I beg you to utilize our possibilities which we place at your disposal with great pleasure.

Reply to Mr. Hugh Baillie of United Press, New York:

Thank you for your friendly offer. I do not find Mr. Churchill’s argument convincing. On the question of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Iran, that will be decided in a positive way by an agreement between the Soviet government and the government of Iran.

J. Stalin
President of the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R.

("Pravda," 27 March, 1946)

<"ReplyIran">Reply to a Message from the Prime Minister of Iran

April, 1946

I thank Your Excellence for the friendly sentiments expressed in your telegram on the occasion of the successful conclusion of the Soviet-Iranian Treaty, in which you have played an active part personally. I am persuaded that the agreement realized between the U.S.S.R. and Iran in the form of this treaty will serve to develop and deeply strengthen the cooperation and friendship between the peoples of our countries.

Generalissimo Stalin
President of the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R.

("Pravda," 8 April, 1946)

<"OrderNo7">Order of the Day of the Minister of the Armed Forces of the U.S.S.R. No. 7

May 1, 1946

Comrades of the Red Army and Red Navy, Sergeants and Mates!

Comrades Officers, Generals and Admirals!

Working people of the Soviet Union!

For the first time since the victory in the Great Patriotic War we celebrate the First of May, the international holiday of the working, people, under peaceful conditions, which we have reached after hard struggle against the enemy and at the price of great sacrifices and sufferings.

A year ago the Red Army raised the banner of victory over Berlin and finished off the smashing of fascist Germany. Four months after the victory over Germany, imperialist Japan capitulated. The Second World War, prepared by the forces of international reaction and started by the main fascist states, ended in complete victory for. the freedom-loving peoples.

The smashing and liquidation of the centres of fascism and world aggression led to a profound change in the political life of the peoples of the world and to a profound growth of the democratic movement of the people. Ripened by the experiences of war, the masses learned that they should not leave the fate of their states in the hands of reactionary leaders who follow limited, self-seeking class interests against the people. Thus, the people who want to change their lives take the fate of their state into their own hands and erect a democratic order and lead an active struggle against the reactionary powers, against the arsonists of a new war.

The peoples of the whole world do not want another war. They struggle desperately for the ensuring of peace and security.

In the vanguard of the struggle for peace and security marches the Soviet Union, which has played a leading role in the smashing of fascism and has fulfilled her high mission of liberation.

The peoples who were liberated by the Soviet Union from the fascist yoke were given the possibility of founding their states on democratic principles and to realize their historical hopes. On this path they receive the fraternal help of the Soviet Union.

The whole world was able to convince itself not only of the power of the Soviet state, but also of the just character of its politics, based on the recognition of the equality of all peoples, based on respect for their freedom and self-determination. There is no reason to doubt that the Soviet Union will, in the future, continue these politics which are the politics of peace and security, equality and friendship of the peoples.

Since the ending of the war, the Soviet Union is progressing in peaceful socialist construction. With great enthusiasm the Soviet people are continuing the peaceful constructive work that was interrupted by the war.

The Five Year Plan for the reconstruction and development of the people's economy of the U.S.S.R., for the years 1946 - 1950, that has been approved by the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, opens new perspectives for the further growth of the productive forces of our Motherland, the strengthening of its economic power, the raising of its material wealth and its culture.

The Five Year Plan was accepted by the workers, peasants and intelligentsia of our country as a programme entirely meeting their interests. It can be expected that the Soviet people, led by the Communist Party, will spare no effort not only to fulfil this Five Year Plan, but also to over-fulfil it by their enedeavours.

While we develop this peaceful socialist construction we must not at any moment forget the machinations of international reaction, its plans for a new war. One must not forget the guidelines of the great Lenin that during the transition to peaceful work one must constantly be alert, and constantly keep an eye on the strength of the armed forces and their ability to defend our country.

The armed forces of the Soviet Union, our army, our airforce and our navy have fulfilled their duty towards our Motherland in the Great Patriotic War. The new task for our armed forces is to be on guard, to protect the peace and the constructive work of the Soviet people, and to safeguard the interests of the Soviet Union.

The successful fulfillment of this honourable task is possible only under the conditions of further development of the military culture and art of war of the fighters and commanders of our army, our navy and our airforce.

The armed forces of the Soviet Union have to raise their standards in the art of war, based on the experiences of war, based on the develop-, ment of the science and technique of war.

There is no doubt that our army, our fleet and our airforce will honourably fulfil their task.

Comrades of the Red Army and Red Navy,

Sergeants and Mates! Comrade Officers, Mates and Generals!

Comrades working men and women, men and women peasants, intellectuals!

Demobilized fighters of the Red Army!

In the name of the government and the Communist Party, I greet you and congratulate you on the occasion of the First of May, on the occasion of the international holiday of the working people, and I order:

Today, 1 May, in the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, in the capitals of the Union Republics as well as in Lvov, Konigsberg, Chabar-ovsk, Vladivostok, Port-Arthur and in the heroic cities of Leningrad, Stalingrad, Sevastopol and Odessa, a salute of 20 artillery salvoes.

Long live our brave armed forces!

Long live our glorious Communist Party!

Long live the great Soviet people!

Long live our powerful Soviet Motherland!

J. Stalin
Minister of the Armed Forces of the U. S. S. R. Generalissimo of the Soviet Union

("Pravda," 1 May, 1946)

<"Order_of_the_Day_of_the_Minister_of_the">Order of the Day of the Minister of the Armed Forces of the U.S.S.R. No. 11

May 9, 1946

Comrades soldiers and sailors of the Red Army and Red Navy! Comrades officers, generals and admirals! Workers of the Soviet Union!

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the great victory won by our people over fascist Germany, Which attacked the liberty and independence of our Motherland.

In the name of the Soviet government and of our Communist Party, I salute and congratulate you on the occasion of the national celebration, the day of victory over the German fascists.

To celebrate the victory feast, I order: today, 9 May, a salute of thirty artillery salvoes in the capital of our Motherland, Moscow and in the capitals of the federal republics, Lvov, Konigsberg, and in the heroic cities of Leningrad, Stalingrad, Sebastopol and Odessa.

Glory to our armed forces who kept the honour and independence of our Motherland and who won victory over Hitler Germany!

Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, inspirer and organizer of our victory!

Glory to our great people, the victorious-people!

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the fight for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!

J. Stalin

("Pravda," 9 May, 1946)