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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung

Talk At The Enlarged Meeting
Of The Military Commission

January 27, 1967

[SOURCE: an anthology without a title.]

(Transmitted by Premier Chou.)

1. The armed forces’ attitude towards the great Cultural Revolution. At first they chose non-involvement, but they were in fact involved in such ways as documents being sent to them for safe keeping and some cadres going [to work] among the units. In the present situation, when the struggle between the two lines has become extremely acute, they cannot stay aloof and their participation must mean their support of the left.

2. Most of the old comrades have so far failed to come to grips with the great Cultural Revolution. They have lived on their ‘capital’, depended on their past records. They should discipline and reform themselves in this movement and set up new records and make new contributions. (At this juncture Chairman quotes from Ch’u Che’s audience with the Queen of Chao in the Chan Kuo Ts’e.) They must resolutely stand on the side of the left; they must not try to muddle through; they must firmly support the left. Then they must do their work well under the control and supervision of the left.

3. With regard to the power struggle in the newspapers, it is a struggle for power against the capitalist ‘roaders’ and the faction in authority and against the die-hards of the bourgeois reactionary line. How else can [we] struggle for power? Now it seems that [we] should carefully divide . . . [and] take over power before other things can be done. [We] must not be metaphysical [superficial?] about it. Otherwise [we] shall be constrained. After the struggle for power [we] should examine the true nature of the faction in authority and then pass judgment on it and we should report it to the State Council for approval.

4. The old cadres before the power struggle and the [new] cadres after it should co-operate in working together and preserve the secret of the state.

Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung