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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung

The Anti-Japanese Military And
Political University

August 2, 1966

[SOURCE: People’s Daily.]

The revolutionary and progressive characteristics of this university are due to the revolutionary and progressive characteristics of its staff and its courses.

The educational principles of the university are: ‘Correct political orientation, plain, hard-working style, flexible strategy and tactics’.[1]

[We must] overcome difficulties, contact the masses, and heighten [our] militancy. Anyone who is corrupt and lazy does not deserve to be a student of this university, for he acts against the rules of this university.

To the second class of graduates: ‘You must be brave, resolute, and tenacious. [You must] learn through struggles and be prepared to sacrifice your lives for the liberation of our nation.’

Written for the Production Drive of the university ‘Study on the one hand, produce on the other; overcome hardships and unnerve the enemies.’ ‘Now [you] study and produce. In future you will fight and produce.’

The style of the university: ‘Unity, alertness, earnestness, and liveliness’.[2]



[1.] The ‘three’ of the ‘Three-eight style’

[2.] The ‘eight’ of the ‘Three-eight style’.

Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung